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Publisher Insights

Dan Grant

In this series, Modelresource Publisher Dan Grant looks at common issues that are rarely explained.

Contracts With Minors

Getting "Signed" - What Does That Really Mean?

When Should You Pay For Photos?

The Tactics of Desperate Agencies

Protecting Male Models

Health & Fitness

Jadine Cleary

One of Modelresource's most popular features. Jadine Cleary provides the best advice you'll likely find on this subject.

Fashion Week Fit

Eat Like A Top Model

Exercize! for a Model Physique

Model Perfect Stomach & Thighs

Strength Training Warehouse Air Purifier
Glenn D. Godfrey and Company, LLP
Marijuana Stores Holyoke
Frontier Decking - Visit our website


The Travel Series

Modelling On A Student Exchange
Natalia Zurowski

The benefits of continuing your career while pursuing high education.


Jet-Set Skincare
Beau Nelson

Most people don't think about how their skin is affected by a change in locale. Sometimes it isn't pleasant.

Fashion Week Tips

Fashion Week Fit!
Preparing for Fashion Week starts long before the castings. Jadine Cleary explains.

Runway Castings
You've got 30 seconds to earn a spot a hundred other models want. How are you going to stand out?

1. Observations from several seasons of casting
2. Tips from a runway coach / model

Backstage Readiness
Between the time you've booked a show and walked the runway there's more to consider. Learn more.

The Photographer Series

Dealing With Agencies
Why won't agencies give you the model you want? How do you get paid?Modelresource explains how to approach agencies to get better results.

Paying For Pages
A print magazine wants to publish and distribute your story. But instead of paying you, the publisher is asking for a few hundred dollars?When is it okay to pay to play?

Copyright Act
An important amendment to the Canadian Copyright Act became law in 2012, giving photographers de facto copyright over the images they create.How does that affect everyone else on set?

Working in Fashion

Top 5 Tips
Alice Keith

Breaking into the industry is tough enough. Turning it into a career is even harder.


Becoming a Fashion Stylist
Annie Lam

In this 4-part series, the Toronto-based artist discusses what aspiring Fashion Stylists need to know.

The Top Canadian Models




Ford Models
screen capture from

In 2013, Ford Models closed its only Canadian office with neither warning nor explanation.


Anais Pouliot

16-year Anaïs Pouliot tells Modelresource about the time she surprised clients in Paris with a straightjacket.


Daria Webrowy
Daria Werbowy in Flare, by Max Abadian

In 2006, Canada had seven models on's Top 30, including Daria Werbowy occupying the #1 spot for years.

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