Nathalie Beaulieu

January 30, 2021

Nathalie Beaulieu
Next's Nathalie Beaulieu
I am a very lucky girl. Everything has just been going so incredibly well for me, everywhere I go. Let me explain.

I went to Osaka Monday, feeling confident that I knew exactly what I was doing (I made sure to keep a mental image of everywhere Brandon led me for further reference). I sat on the bus all happy with my stomach full of egg and coffee, listening to my new music that I've been downloading non-stop on our third computer. This is my new past time. I look up artists and download until I find good one's, and so far I've been fucking pro. Here are a couple bands I have recently fallen in love with: Caribou, MGMT, The Radio Dept, Dinosoaur Jr., Para One, and the Marie Antoinette soundtrack. I have also been playing, like a total nerd, a game called "Family Restaurant." Basically you cook cute meals for your customers and it gets faster and harder and oh, how cute it is. And addictive. I also have another past time but I will tell you about it later on.

I get to the airport and I manage to find the gate, the immigration place and so on, without any problems. I tried my best to stick all my crap for two days into my Marc Jacobs handbag, and oh lord is it heavy and annoying to fish things out. I really need to find an alternative for next time.

I'm waiting at my gate with my next coffee (since when do I drink so much coffee?) and this Caucasian girl asks if I know how to get to the Korean embassy. I proudly say "yes, I do." I tried to write her instructions and then I just offered to bring her there myself. We ended up spending the whole time in Osaka together. Her name is Jennifer, and it's her second year in Korea teaching English. She's from Newfoundland.

We went to the embassy together, went shopping together, ate together, admired together. We did not stay in the same hotel, though (no rooms for the night... I had a reservation). We got lost a couple times, but we were pretty good at finding our way back to our hotel.

Unfortunately, I found an international bank and took out money and went shopping. I couldn't help myself. I really am a true shopaholic. We had a bazillion hours to look around, so I chose wisely. I picked up: a pink vintage high-waisted frilly skirt; the cutest multi-coloured kind-of bra and underwear (the kind I wanted, mom... ); a cheap pair of gorgeous camel-coloured boots; some souvenirs; and, last but NEVER LEAST (and my new past-time)... AN ENGLISH BOOK!!! I actually found an English bookstore in Japan. I was the happiest girl in the world. Even though there was a limited supply, I chose this book by this very famous author, Haruki Murakami (his books have been translated in about forty languages). The book is called Kafka on the Shore. It's about 600 pages and I simply cannot put the thing down. I'm reading it everywhere... in the makeup chair, on the subway, at home... I got it yesterday and I'm almost halfway done. I recommend it to all of you.

This was my first time in Osaka where people were very interested in taking pictures with me. Especially men. They would ask in broken English, and always need one more picture after the first. And the second. And then all the friends will want one, of course.

One of my craziest experiences so far: at the airport there was a school group of about twenty Korean teenagers, boys and girls. The brave one of the group (and the most fluent in English, might I add) came up to me and said I was very beautiful, and could she please take a picture with me? I said "of course." And then she asked me if I was a model. I really should not have said yes. All of a sudden, they all turned towards me and said "OHHHH" and suddenly there was a lineup to take a picture with me. And when I told them what magazines I had done so far, everyone wanted my autograph.

Hello, my autograph? I don't even have a signature.

And they all wanted personalized messages with my autograph. Oh, I was blushing so hard. Especially when they told me I was so skinny and white... and how much did I weigh? And how tall was I? And who is my favourite model? I felt bad for Jennifer, who just sat there reading her book. I had such a headache afterwards... even though I was so flattered I didn't know what to do with myself. Unbelievable.

I came back yesterday to the news that I will be working all day, everyday, for the rest of the week. Apparently everything had been moved back until I returned from Osaka.

Today I had a shoot, full day catalogue. It was the best catalogue shoot I've done so far. The background was all graffitti and old neon barrels and broken spring beds. Everything they put on me, including hair and makeup, was sososo me. Neon red grease paint messily smudged across my eyes, hot pink lipstick, pink hair and great clothes. I did not even see the time go by. I wish you could see the pictures we got out of it. I wanted to die, they were so beautiful. I loved them.

Around halfway through, they started body painting us. And I mean BODY painting. Arms were grafittied in neon pink, paintbrushes were used for my multi-coloured face and shoulders. It took about an hour to do, about ten minutes to shoot, and an hour to clean up. I'm still waiting to take a shower and get the rest of the crap off me.

Everyone ate ice cream except me. It was very sad. I stuck with my coffee. (before I forget, Jinboc and I just went to Starbucks, and he says, "Nathalie, here, no one eats doughnuts and coffee. Here, cigarettes and coffee." He's a genious. He manages to say the funniest things with a 100-word English vocabulary).

I came back from the shoot at 6:00 and I'm off to three more castings. Two were for magazines, one for catalogue. I am so proud of myself, I got every single one of them on the spot. One of the magazines is so very famous and rich, and I THINK I got the cover. Pray for me!!

I am feeling really good about myself. Now I am going to read my book, have a shower, and play my family restaurant. I have to wake up at 8:00 tomorrow, but I don't want to go to bed even though I will be tired. It's my only time to do what I want. They already asked me to come back in the summer, and I think I'm going to do it. The money I'm making is out of this world... I've already paid my expenses, and now, half of what I make is in my pocket. I'm so gangsta.

I just need to come back home for a while. I miss my country and my people very much. I think about everyone all of the time, don't think otherwise. My life is good, but life at home is better.

Nathalie Beaulieu is a Next model, currently in Seoul.


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