Nathalie Beaulieu

February 13, 2021

Nathalie Beaulieu
Next's Nathalie Beaulieu
Let me start off by saying it was officially the coldest day in Korea today. The winds: Canada-like, and everyone was bundled up on the streets.

I had one of the most interesting days of my life today.

At one o'clock we went to Mme. Figaro's studio for prep. They then told me it was going to be my first location shoot. They didn't tell me where it was going to be; it was a surprise.

Suprises are usually not very good surprises... however, I was pleasantly surprised today.

So here I am in the huge Figaro van, decked out in Prada and Chanel snake bracelets, driving in the country to God knows where. I see some army people, millions of mountains, art parks and restaurants.

Finally, we get to our destination: the space observatory. I was so excited! There are two tall buildings, both connected by cable cars. We go to the building five minutes up the biggest mountain and I saw the most beautiful scenery. Mountains everywhere, and we were so high up. It was amazing.

We set everything up in this beautiful wooden-floored room, with windows all around... even the ceiling was windows. It was so warm and comforting thanks to the sunlight shining right above us.

I already had my makeup and hair done, so here we go for page number one. They take me to the cable car with the cute little portable heater, shut me in the cable cubicle and shoot me from inside. While it was moving.

Right now they're shooting spring/summer clothes, so I was already freezing, even though I was kind of inside somewhere. It was somewhat awkward because the photographer was not in the cable car, so I couldn't hear when he was taking the picture, and when I should move again.

Then we all got in the car and went to the next building to change into my next outfit. I got to wear a gorgeous Christian Dior gold kimono coat, and a very low cut dress (also Dior). This was shot outside the car, and I got my first taste of bitter cold.

I loved the photographer because he was so giddy and short and cute and Korean. And wearing snowpants, may I add.

Page three was where things got crazy. They got a ladder and told me to get up on top of the cable car. I was all: "Are you joking?" They were all: "No." I was still excited so I jumped right on, ten inch heels, Moschino shorts and all.

For the fourth page they made me change into a super thin-fabric dress and stand on top of the ledge, a metre away from the drop into the mountains. I was a bit scared, as it was getting darker and colder, and the wind was about three billion miles an hour. I was getting really cold at this point.

I cut my ankle on the ledge and I cried a little bit. I get very cold, very easily, and once I'm cold I stay cold. But I'm a TrooperModel™ and didn't complain once. I did everything I was told. Basically the other shots were like this as well.

I wish I had brought my camera, because everything looked so fantastic, including the photographs he took of me. I was really happy with them. Very haute couture.

I wish people knew how much cold and work and cuts and bruises go into these glamorous pictures, though. It really is demanding work. But I didn't mind at all. I loved the people and I got to eat Pocky Sticks basking in my sunny room full of windows on my time off.

There was a field trip going on with about forty little kids scurrying around the observatory, all trying to speak English to me and saying "HI!!!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" They were there until about nine in the evening... they left when we did.

It was supposed to be a half day job, but turned into a full day job because of the crazy overtime. Even though I was so cold I thought I was going to die, I toughed it out and it was an amazing experience I will never forget. In the end I was completely exhausted and fell asleep next to Jinboc on the way home.

Then he and I went to our favourite restaurant, Noni&Noni, for our weekly Korean bbq. We then went to get some coffee and now I am home. I am still so cold, I've got a sweater on and everything.

Nathalie Beaulieu is a Next model, currently in Seoul.


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