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Jerald Bezener
photo: Stéphen Chen-Hendersson

Featured Model

Jerald Bezener

Agency  B&M (Toronto)

Hometown  Not really sure anymore - but my best friends and memories are in Calgary, AB

Background  Canadian (German/Ukrainian)

Modelling Since  2003

Age  34

Height  183 (6'0")

Hair  Dark Brown

Eyes  Hazel/Green

Discovered  By my wife, Mia...Actually; come to think of it, I'm going to start paying her a bigger "finder's fee".

Best Modelling Moment  Shooting four commercials in a two week span, and when I booked my first $10,000+ job.

Awkward Modelling Moment  
  1. At one of my first agency Open agent said I was "too fit" and wouldn't even look at the shots I brought in; then, suggested that I go back to Windsor and do fashion shows at the local mall.
  2. Driving back and forth from Windsor (four hours each way) for three and a half years to build my career into what it is today.
Favourite Market  The one closest to my children! Cape Town was great, but I missed my daughters' 1st and 10th birthdays respectively on that trip.

Favourite Model   I admire the models that are modeling for themselves...that don't fall into the "traps" of the industry stereotypes - those that are happy with themselves and living healthy/balanced lives; all the while, knowing how to stay true to their core values and are not afraid to say "No" when something it not right for them or their careers.

Most embarrassing song on your iPod?   I don't think anything really embarasses me anymore. Some interesting songs in my iTunes collection...Hayden "Bad As They Seem", Biz Markie "Just a Friend", Black Sheep "The Choice Is Yours", and Eddie Grant "Electric Avenue"

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