Katie Bishop

December 17, 2021

Katie Bishop
Katie Bishop (creative from Osaka)
Three weeks without a computer! Jeesh, now that was a difficult task. (My laptop crashed the night before making my way to Osaka, Japan. Lovely.)

I must say that this city was not quite what I had expected, but it has undoubtedly found it's way into my heart. The Japanese are exceptionally nice to foreigners; especially when giving directions. The customs, the etiquette, the food, the city itself to look at - it's not only interesting because it deviates from my norm, but it is really quite a remarkable place to be.

First off, you cannot read the labels on the food here! Now I know when something is broccoli, but how the hell am I supposed to know that this "olive oil" I'm buying at the grocery market is really yellow vinegar?

Secondly, funny shit happens here. Literally everyday... and I love it.

Attention models: when you first arrive you fill out paperwork that includes all of your measurements from head to toe, as well as various other details. What they don't tell you, however, is that the section of "special skills and interests/hobbies" goes on your comp cards!

Of course, I decided to be funny and write down a couple things in my "special skills" area as a joke to the agency. Little did I know that a week later I would find out at a casting with clients that what I had written as a joke was on my comp card.

We were at the casting, doing the usual. They were looking through my book, my manager was selling me to the clients, and then the laughing started. I had no idea what was going on. They then looked at me and listed off some of the different things I had put (which were all legitimate), such as black belt, marching, flute, swimming, skiing, bowling, etc etc.

Then came the punch line. "You can roll your tongue?"

I just about died.

Also, when coming to Asia, if you happen to come across a western style toilet (ie. not a hole in the ground, which is what the Japanese style of toilets are) please, I beg of you - do NOT play with the buttons on the side of the toilet. Why, you ask? Does gushing water out of a tube extruding from the toilet sound like fun? Well, I must admit, when your leggings are soaked with toilet water, and the bathroom floor looks like there was a water fight, it is funny. But fun, no.

Photoshoots here are crazy. At one of my tests I was dressed up as a "beautiful mouse" for my hair and makeup artist's Happy New Year's postcards. Turns out it's the Year of the Mouse in 2008. At my most recent, we did some beautiful shots with a Kimono on, and then...Katie has to do another card! Except this time it was for an office. And what did they do to me? They dressed me as a boy.

Three weeks in, and it seems pretty decent here. Though as a model, make sure you know the correct season to come to a foreign country. This is a crucial piece of information you should know so that money-making can be had.

You know what else is crucial? Getting your toilet seat fixed when it's cracking in half.

Japan, what else can I say?

Xoxo-Katie Bishop

Katie Bishop is a Ford model, currently with Visage in Osaka.


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