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Marla Boehr

Prior to her foray into the world of runways and print campaigns, Marla Boehr was an English Literature major at the University of Lethbridge. Although she's taking a break from it now (she still has a year-and-a-half left), she still plans on returning to Lethbridge to not just finish her degree, but to complete a master's programme as well.

A fan of 19th century and contemporary literature, she wants to use her education as a means to travel. Although she's seeing the world now though her various modelling engagements, she says her hectic schedule doesn't allow her much time for sightseeing. It has however, "broadened my horizons seeing how other people live, and the different cultures."

It has also given her an appreciation of home. Having spent her entire life in Lethbridge, Marla says she never truly grasped the beauty of the prairies, nor did she realize the amount of talent Southern Alberta produces. "I ran into girls from Calgary in Paris and London. I was amazed at how many of us were doing the big shows there. From Calgary!"

Although not entirely sure why Canadians are doing so well right now ("I don't know if you can ever say why something is in this industry"), Marla does feel today's models will be around for a long time. "I think in terms of longevity, Canadian girls can do well because whenever I run into them they're very level-headed, have a good sense of who they are, and are well-grounded."

"It could easily spiral out-of-control if you don't have a good sense of who you are. You need to stay real, and you have to be true to yourself."

Staying true to herself, means maintaining certain limits. "Nudity I wouldn't do, not because I'm not comfortable with my body, it's just not something I would do."

Marla Boehr
Polaroid taken Mar 23rd.
"Also, I wouldn't do a smoking campaign, because I'm not comfortable with what it implies. I've known people that have died from it - people in my parents' family have actually died that way, so I don't want to encourage it."

Giovanni Model Management's Katie Martin says Marla definitely has her head on straight. The Toronto agency played host to Marla while she was in town to shoot a Lida Baday campaign last week. Katie calls Marla "very professional and confident," and feels her international experience has helped her grow as a model. "I think that she has traveled enough that she would be able to adapt to almost anything."

"My first trip was here (with Giovanni)," says Marla, "and I haven't actually been back since last summer, so it's been good to be back."

"I really like working in Canada. I hope to do more. I really like the people they're genuinely nice people to work with."

When asked what else people should know about Canada's newest international runway star, the demure Marla pauses, and softly replies, "I think I would really want them to know me as an actual person - that I'm not just a pretty face, which is what sometimes comes across. They see all the glamour, but I'm actually like everyone else I have the same feelings and emotions. Beauty isn't everything."