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Emily Bruhn

Agency  Lexington (Vancouver)

Hometown  Powell River, B.C.

Background  ½ German / ½ English

Modelling Since  2004

Height  5'8½" (174 cm)

Hair  Blonde

Eyes  Blue

Discovered  When I first moved to Vancouver to go to school I was approached by a few people about modelling. One photographer offered to help me make a portfolio which I trustingly agreed to, he took my pictures into the now closed Vancouver branch of the Ford agency and they signed me.

Best Modelling Moment  It has given me a richer understanding of the world I live in by providing me with opportunities to see and experience diverse people and cultures. In many ways I feel that I've learned more through modelling than I did in five years at University and I'm looking forward to learning and seeing and experiencing even more!

Awkward Modelling Moment  There are too many to count! Shooting lingerie in a public location, having a makeup artist wipe your runny nose for you because you can't move your hands from a particular pose, tripping on a runway, clothing articles slipping off at inopportune moments... it's a minefield of embarrassment. The good part is you start to become immune to it.

Favourite Market  Athens: they had amazing food, amazing shoes, and the most creative photographers.

Favourite Model  Coco Rocha I feel like in each of her pictures she is playing a different character.

Most Embarrassing Song on Your iPod  Walk This Way by Aerosmith the song itself is not nearly as embarrassing as the way I dance around when I listen to it.

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