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Robin Buss

March 28, 2021

I'm looking out over a sea of villas and palm trees and oh my God is that the Ocean? This is not Toronto, or New York for that matter! Did I wake up in Paradise?

My name is Robin and this is my life.

Cinderella says a dream is a wish your heart makes, and my dreams are being answered. I landed an athletic campaign that shoots one day in Orlando and one day in New York, after the shoot in Orlando I was able to meet my fiancé for a mini vacation in Miami where I sit now, marveling at how life can work. Did I mention I'm getting married? That's another story I'll save for later.

It was one of those situations in my work that remind me that everything happens for a reason, I sometimes refer to these situations or coincidences as a *wink* from the universe. I took the bus down for a casting in NY that, once I was in New York, the client decided to see only half the girls they originally requested, and I was cut from the casting. Darn I thought, trekking all the way for nothing! But it's never for nothing.

The next day I had a casting for Champion, and shortly after that I was on a plane heading to Florida to shoot in the ESPN Wide World of Sports. I was thrilled to land a job I feel totally suited for, in a category I've never shot before. The athletic campaign required healthy, glowing girls, with an up-beat attitude and candid sense of how to pose without looking posed. Shooting for an athletic company was really fun, in our off time we did activities like throw a football around, shoot some hoops, or watch baseball teams I know nothing about warm up and practice in the stadium.

The cast and crew were all super nice, opening my eyes that not only Toronto clients are lovely to work with. I often felt blessed to work in Toronto because just about everyone is really considerate and understanding of the human needs "talent" can have. Working abroad we are often referred to simply as "the girls" or "them." It's really nice when everyone on set tries to remember your name, and checks in to see how you're doing midway instead of rushing from one shot to the next without considering factors like hunger or fatigue.

After the shoot in Orlando I returned to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge which looks like we are in Kenya, looking out over a "Savanna" with giraffes, zebras and kudu, along with furry pigs and a number of other deer like animals and birds I don't recognize. And why would I? Growing up in Toronto the most wildlife we see are raccoons and squirrels. It was a real treat to experience something totally out of the ordinary. I better get out into the sun before I have to leave sunny Miami, this vacay is a short one (less than 48 hrs) then its back to hitting the pavement in NY to finish the athletic shoot and keep on casting.

Until next time, remember that everything happens for a reason and keep on dreaming.


Robin Buss is an Elmer Olsen model.


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