Robin Buss
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Robin Buss

April 6, 2021

At a fitting today I suddenly felt like the walls were closing in around me, my knees were week and I could barely breathe. I think once when I was a child I experienced the light headedness and nausea that comes with passing out, but this time it was so intense I felt like I was going blind!

My name is Robin and this is my life.

Thank you to the girls who helped me. I probably did not faint because of you. As the clarity of my vision returned and the hot flash passed I contemplated the relationship I have with my health. I realize I've thought of myself as a yoga-practicing, vegetarian, child of the earth, but I may have actually become a junk-food vegetarian. I've slipped! I've let myself substitute a healthy snack with chips or fries! I prefer Chocolate to fruit and I consider small portions of Pizza to be a balanced meal! Mother Earth forgive me!

Reality check! Nutrients are hard to come by, even in the green leafy vegetables I will no longer sneer at in the produce aisle. Now that I think about it I've forgotten what my mother taught me, and I promise with you as my witness to eat healthfully again. That means lot's of whole grains, protein (as a vegetarian I opt for organic eggs, soy or regular milk with protein powder, yogurt, nuts and beans. I should eat more beans), dark coloured fruit and veggies (like kale, red pepper, beets and mango) and drink lots of water. The other culprit of fainting is dehydration, which affects circulation of the blood to the brain. Oops, I need that. So I promise to drink more water too.

A year ago I was eating with consciousness and gusto, enjoying each bite of organic, whole, happy food, and I'll admit, I was pleased to have some junk in the trunk. Now the junk is on the menu, and the trunk is looking a little, well, little. When did I lose my butt and where did it go? Somewhere along the way I left my behind behind and decided to stop caring. Is it true that all I have is the top of my legs?? Bottom, I will avenge thee!

So here's to health. I once heard someone say the human body is like a savings account: whatever you put into it will affect your future. Make good decisions about what you're investing, and it will multiply. It's so important that we eat nutrient-rich, sustaining food frequently, to keep our metabolism and blood sugar levels regular, and to help keep good energy thoughout the day and throughout life!

On the topic of healthy eating, I wanted to applaud the women behind "Feed the Models" (EDITOR'S NOTE: Facebook Group here); a petition and request to the Fashion Design Council of Canada (responsible for Toronto Fashion Week) to provide sustenance for the talent. I signed the petition, a few names under "Calm Rags." Rock on ladies, you know the models make or break how the clothes are perceived and happy models will take direction, wear garments and walk better. Let's embrace change and take a step in the right direction, so that when we step onto the 120 ft runway we can make it all the way to the end. You wouldn't want a model to faint...


Robin Buss is an Elmer Olsen model.


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