Robin Buss
Elmer Olsen's Robin Buss

Robin Buss

April 10, 2021


It's day three of the bridal bonanza extravaganza! I must be tired because I don't think I even know what a bonanza is and I'm using it as a description of what is really an elegant affair. In a three story penthouse suite in the Palace Hotel we walk a short runway surrounded by Cherry Blossoms for the buyers and media interested in Ramona Keveza collections. With slow, sensual steps we sashay holding rose bouquets, or flip the long trains as we turn, or throw a hand on our hips as we flash our eyes at the camera in a short cocktail dress.

My name is Robin and this is my life.

After we hang up the dress and take of the heels conversation always at some point turns to seeing how green the grass is on the other side. Whether it's someone else's longer legs, flatter tummy, even skin, fuller chest, smaller waist, healthier hair, nicer hands, daintier feet, better nail beds, longer neck... the list goes on! How many ways do we compare ourselves to each other, focusing on what we think is BEAUTIFUL about someone else and what is LACKING in ourselves?

I remember seeing certain models from a distance and thinking they were deities of the fashion industry, incarnations of pure beauty from head to toe. Upon meeting them I was aghast that they lacked self confidence in person. We are our own biggest critics. Where does this constant comparing and concern that we are not enough come from?

I point a finger at the men on top, the CEOs who condone slogans and tag lines that imply that what we have going on naturally is not presentable to the public, therefore we need their product to safely make it out the door. How many of you/your friends wear make-up every single day? I have rationalized to myself "what if I run into somebody important?" As if a clean face would send them running to the hills, or worse, result in their throwing stones at me.

I feel like no amount of mascara, liner or cover up can cover up an insecure attitude. Attn: All Models: YOU ARE ALREADY BEAUTIFUL. It's not that new item of clothing or new lip gloss that got you your last job, its YOU! While all those accessories are fun to use and wear, I feel that every model, actually, every woman needs to look in the mirror in the morning after washing her face, and say you are so beautiful X3.

Instead of eyeing the advantages you think other girls have, look for what you love about your own appearance and rock it. Instead of telling yourself in your head that you need to lose another inch or tone your butt or grow a better pair of boobs, tell your self how lucky you are to be alive, and relish in your beauty.

The sexiest part of a woman is her attitude, and like they say confidence is key.


Robin Buss is an Elmer Olsen model.


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