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Robin Buss

April 23, 2021


My last blog inspired an interesting discussion with my fiancé about where the blame lies when it comes to women's perceptions of beauty and their own body image. Questions surfaced that I've asked for a long time and still don't really have an answer for, like:

How do commercial images influence standards of beauty? How do they affect women's self esteem? How do I, as a model, play into societies expectations of thinness? Is it hypocritical to support natural beauty when I still wear make up just about every day?

My name is Robin and this is my life.

During our talk Justin also pointed out that there are women who are CEOs and making decisions about advertising that I ignored. While in most other industries, management remains dominantly male, the fashion industry is one place where women can be on top, particularly when it comes to fashion magazines and their editors. They have the power to decide the content and images in each issue. So as women, why aren't they making it a little easier on us? Why is thin still so in?

A discussion with one of my bookers at Code reminded me of something I think every woman needs to remember, and that's that men like curves. So why are we competitively thin? It's not to attract a man (or a lady friend, that's cool too) "Hey you! Check out my flat chest, boney shoulders and non-existent butt! Don't make me sit on your lap cause I'll poke you!" And another thing, guys don't care all that much how we dress. I know Justin's favorite look of mine is the simplest, white t-shirt and jeans. So all the work we put into staying fit (aka staying thin), and all the time we spend on our wardrobe is for who exactly?

The effort we put into our every day presentation is for women. How many times do you check out another female's outfit, look at her from head to toe and pass judgments about her in your head as you pass them on the street? We are hard on ourselves to look like perfection, and we are hard on each other to fulfill the same unrealistic ideals.

Let's be friends, shall we? On street level we can smile at the women we pass, young and old. We can compliment someone when we sense insecurity (I say more points if it's something that can't be worn, but just is, like a nice smile or pretty eyes. Go out on a limb ladies!). With our friends we can choose to put more emphasis on what's inside our hearts and minds instead of building friendships based on a mutual desire to shop.

I'd love to hear more suggestions about what actions we can take to help raise awareness around body issues/insecurity, let me know what you're doing and I'll try and include it in my next blog (anonymously unless indicated otherwise.)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so let's take the blinders off.


Robin Buss is an Elmer Olsen model.


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