Robin Buss
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Robin Buss

May 4, 2021


A friend of mine said to me "It doesn't get any easier from here" and I believed her. Too many times I remember thinking that there was a plan to all of this, that the hardships of life could really be solved if we all just applied ourselves... but here we are. The planet we live on continues to be in danger from us... but life goes on.

But for how long? I try not to be bothered by the bigger questions while holding up outfits in the mirror. How did "What should I wear today" turn into "What should I wear if I could save the world today?"

My name is Robin and this is my life.

I'm doing the best I can while I'm home, less on the side of donning a cobalt blue skin-tight suit and fighting crime, more on the side of healthy eating and organization. Like adding a boiled egg to what is usually a carby breakfast, adding fruit to lunch and greens to dinner. I've been doing more Yoga in the mornings and spring cleaning my home and my life. Trying to take care of business in the hopes that business will take care of me. I'm just wondering, when does my generation step in to save the world exactly?

I've heard it so many times, I don't know if it's because my parents are of the baby boomer generation and on the whole they tend to repeat themselves, or if it's something every generation has heard since the Industrial Revolution. "Well my son, we've botched a few things in the name of progress and now it's up to your generation to clean things up." I wouldn't mind helping but what can I do? I turn off my lights when I'm not home and run the dishwasher at night, I buy as much organic food as I can afford and I encourage my friends (especially those who eat meat and dairy!) to do the same.

Out of the blue my fiancÚ Justin turned to me while we were on a walk in Queen's Park and said: "Let's pick up some trash" So we took a couple minutes out of our day to pick up plastic spoons, wrappers and package, tissues and butts. Thinking in my head that my hippy ways are rubbing off on him, and if only I could get him to be so inspired to clean up after himself at home. I remembered that every little bit counts.

So I guess we have a choice. On the one hand, if you do nothing the world will keep existing as it is, so what ever. On the other, if you are blessed with two whole hands, a healthy body and a roof over your head you have a lot more than 90% of the planet, so if you can do even a little bit to help out, maybe we'll see some changes in our generation.

I would love to hear suggestions about what we can do, big or small to not only help people, but the planet that sustains us. While I'm a hippy at heart (life-long vegetarian and hugging trees since I could stand) I'm also a little green when it comes to sustainability and eco-friendly-action. Email me at

Knowledge is wealth and I'm asking for some Change


Robin Buss is an Elmer Olsen model.


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