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June 1, 2021


It's another glorious day in Toronto and whether the weather is cool and crisp or hot and humid, I'm thrilled to be home! Now that the G20 is out of Toronto and the out-of-province protesters are out of our province, the city is quiet again and we can stroll the streets in peace. I pray that the world leaders who gathered here will institute positive changes that will immediately affect the people (and animals and ecological habitats!) who need it most. As for me, I've been getting some much needed R&R, spending time in nature and catching up with dear friends. Having just had a birthday, I feel that I've entered a new chapter in my life. I've decided that I want my private life to reflect my desire to create positive change, so in my own way I'm officially Going Green.

The transition to environmentally conscious and humanely developed products reminds me of what I tell meat-eaters who are considering trying a vegetarian life-style: take it one step at a time. As a life-long vegetarian, I grew up with a loving attitude towards all animals, which made refraining from eating meat second nature to me. But if you're used to it, don't eliminate it all at once. As much as I'd love to Go Green in one fell swoop it would be expensive and overwhelming. If you want the change to stick, do it in pieces. Right now I'm researching products as I go and trying different things out.

This summer there are a number of items I have with me all the time. Here's a peek into my purse for inspiration on what you might want to keep with you while going on castings, heading to a job, or maybe just a weekend get-away at the cottage. You'll find a mix of old and new items that are great for multiple situations.

What's in my bag:
  • Nature's Gate Mineral Sun block spf20 (I can still get a glow while protecting my skin, plus its vegan and never tested on animals).
  • Tom's natural deodorant in Honeysuckle Rose (it's vegan, never tested on animals and Aluminum Free so it's safe to use right after shaving).
  • A nail file and OPI Original Nail Envy (a clear, glossy nail strengthener that works wonders).
  • A purple Bikini by WaterAid and H&M (10% of sales goes to help bring clean water and sanitation to some of the world's poorest countries and I'm ready for a surprise invite to someone's pool… hint, hint : ).
  • A neutral pashmina and my $5.00 Aviators from NYC.
  • Several pens and a notebook for journaling, brainstorming and keeping track of my expenses.
  • My Voucher Book, because you never know when you'll get a last minute booking.
  • 2 Books and a magazine. This month it's For Her Own Good by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English (a real eye-opener that gives an insight to female history of the past 150 years), When God Was A Woman by Merlin Stone (I haven't started it yet but I'm stoked to learn about ancient female “herstory” and how it affects us today) and a copy of July's Cosmo to balance the heavy reading and, well, because I'm on the inside back cover!
  • A chocolate Vega Energy Bar (Vegan and nutritionally balanced) and a thermos of Mama's Sun Tea, a tradition in my family that I'm happy to share with you: in a pitcher combine several tea bags (green, berry, chai, rooibus or some combination) with your choice of a dollop of honey, a squeeze of lemon or a cinnamon stick. Let steep covered, in the sun for 1 afternoon. Refrigerate and enjoy.

    I wish you all an amazing summer and thank you for sharing in this chapter of my life. I hope the thoughts and stories I've shared have been entertaining, maybe even inspiring.

    For those of you considering or just starting to model, hang on tight 'cause it's going to be a wild ride! There are amazing opportunities and you will learn much about yourself and the world in this business. Stay confident and true to yourself, know that your uniqueness is attractive and your limits are your own. Figure out what you are comfortable doing and then do it!

    For those of you who have been in the industry for a while, rock on! You are the kind hearted creatives who make this industry so much fun. I've had the pleasure of working with many of you, and I can proudly say that Toronto is my favorite market with the nicest people to work with.

    My name is Robin, and thanks for sharing in my life. I'll be taking a break from writing, so think about taking up a pen or keyboard yourself and capturing your own thoughts, ideas and dreams! I leave you with my favourite quote by Goethe:
    Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!
    Robin Buss is an Elmer Olsen model.
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