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Robin Buss

Featured Model

Robin Buss

Agency  Elmer Olsen (Toronto)

Hometown  I was born at St. Vincent's in Manhattan, raised as a child in Warwick, NY then moved to Toronto with my mom when I was nine and it's been home ever since.

Background  On my Mom's side we're English/American aka Really White (our family line goes back to when the Pilgrims hit Plymouth Rock) and on my Dad's side Swedish/American, his parents came to NY through Ellis Island.

Modelling Since  Just after I graduated high school in 2004

Height  175 (5'9")

Hair  Dark Blonde

Eyes  Blue/Green

Discovered  I worked as a hair dresser's assistant in high school and the receptionist there would bug me to try modeling. I would say "Good morning" and she would reply "When are you going to see Ford?" When I finally went in they offered me a contract on the spot. I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

Best Modelling Moment  When I realized what I was capable of and what life has to offer. I remember standing in a crowd on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, after my last job (having been there for 3 months) listening to a folk band play on the side walk. Someone turned to me and said "You can dance you know" and I felt like it was a message from the universe that life is meant to be enjoyed, so sieze every moment. So I danced on the side walk. After that I made a commitment to myself to put my heart into what ever I do, and it's still my modo today.

Oh! And getting to kiss my now fiance Justin on the Gsus Runway during Loreal Fashion week a couple seasons ago. That was a dream come true. (see photo below)

Awkward Modelling Moment  Putting a designer's piece on backward, or upside down, or worse, getting stuck in a dress with my arms above my head. It happens.

Favourite Market  Toronto! There's so much talent here! And I feel like our generation has the power to influence this city. Let's make it happen!

Favourite Model  Christy Turlington for being a model humanitarian and Daria for highlighting Canada's beauty.

Most embarrassing song on your iPod?  I'm proud of everything on my iPod! Now that my fiance Justin is a DJ (aka the London Street Wankers) I have tons of bumpy House music that lifts my spirits when ever I have to hurry up or wait.

Favourite Quote  Favorite Quote - Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. - Johann von Goethe

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    Robin Buss
    The GSUS kiss - LG Fashion Week (S/S 2010)
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