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Robin Buss

January 8, 2021

Robin Buss is a B&M Model in Toronto.

Robin Buss
Greetings to all in this New Year! I hope your Holidays were wonderful, and that 2007 holds all the delights of the Universe. I am still alive and well, smiling while writing to you from my new MacBook (thanks Dad!).

December has left like the last leaf clinging to the branch, and I am thankful for its going!

Like the bottom of a sand timer, I could feel the remaining few grains of time sliding out before the New Year. I anticipated 2007, asking myself: will I make it to the next stage of my career? Will I continue to evolve? Will my path be marked with opportunities or challenges? So many questions buzzing around my head. But I have learnt from experience that a challenge is an opportunity in disguise to go further than you would have ever imagined possible.

Now that we have made the pass, we are through the darkest night of the year and out into the open sea of '07, I feel a new joy in the pursuit of life. I am pleased with my dedication to the gym, especially after the Holidays. I believe firmly in celebrating with gusto, so I ate and drank and made merry!

Now it is time to atone. A time to demonstrate my strength and will. I am hungry for opportunity, and travel, and eager to better myself. I feel great, balancing 5 days a week of rigorous exercise, castings and house cleaning with family fondue on Saturday and a day of rest and reflection on Sunday.

For me, January is a time to set up the track I want to follow for the rest of the year. A track I hope and believe will take me to the next wonderful (and challenging!) stage of my experience as model and a person.

I am ready to grow and learn from the obstacles of life, as I work through them, and mold them into the opportunities of my dreams.

Happy New Year!


More to follow...

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