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Robin Buss

February 23, 2021

Robin Buss
I could say when it rains it pours, but to me, as the hustle and bustle of Toronto picks up, it feels more like sun on my back than rain.

I love being a busy bee. I love having responsibilities, and tasks... I think there's something about having the chance to complete a goal. Doesn't that always feel good? Especially after a slow holiday season, having charity events, creative shoots, castings and jobs... well, it makes my world go round!

A few weeks ago I kicked off the slum of no work with a couple fund raising charity galas. A good make-up artist friend of mine, Jackie, invited me to participate in "Springtime in Paris" a glamorous event that would raise money for the Credit Valley Hospital. It was simply marvellous, dahling!

I exuberantly embraced the theme, and did what I could to be helpful. Walking around in a gorgeous diamond encrusted 18 Carat necklace... wasn't so bad! I also got the chance to personally display one of my favourite wedding gowns by Renella di Fina, during the live auction. Escorting speakers on and off stage (including a beautiful, little 8 year old girl who had survived cancer!!!), showing the gorgeous vintage wedding gowns and to-be-raffled gold jewelry to each table (there were, like, 60!), even helping a new model practise walking before the live auction started, was just what the doctor ordered!

What I truly came home with that night (besides some great pictures, a nice gift bag and warm memories) was that I was back. I felt renewed in myself and my work; reminded that yes, I am a professional model and this is what I want to do. Jackie was very appreciative of my work that night, and I hungrily ate up that feedback. I needed that, to remember who I am as a model. I am Robin. A well rounded, easy going, practical and encouraging individual, ready for the next challenge. Ready! It felt so good to rediscover my sense of "model-self."

Robin Buss
That weekend I also participated in a runway show to help bring life to a charity event for "sharing the warmth" with the homeless community. At this point I felt good and secure with my skills, and to boast a little, I freakin' rocked the runway!

So, my runway skills were re-ignited, my social skills, jewellery-showing-off skills and improvisational skills were all tuned. What's next on the list? Why Pictures of course!

Shortly after, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with David Leyes. What a kind and funny man! We had a great time, trying out different shots, and to top it off, I felt good. Ok, so it may sound like more of the same, but let me remind you how scary this all can be! I've had experiences where I was in tears because a photographer (in New York) was so blunt and rude that I felt torn to pieces. As a young aspiring model there are always going to be times when you feel unsure of yourself, scared, or even uncomfortable with the situation, or worse, yourself. It can be so easy to slip away from your personal strength and slide all the way down past self-questioning, to self-loathing. So coming out of a day-long creative feeling like a polished gem was a blessing for me. After a year and a half of modelling I still feel scared that I'll suck sometimes. So I was and am so appreciative to be able to work with someone who not only knew how to bring out the best in me (and produce gorgeous shots), but also created the space for me to shine.

Since then life has been busy! I did a bridal shoot for Alfred Sung (with my favourite female photographer Arlene Malakian, what an inspiring woman!), I had a job with the people from Athlete's World, shooting an in-house poster. Plus regular work with Sixty Canada doing in-house modelling for Miss Sixty and Killah. I feel like I have arrived, and the world has responded... positively.

As a model, or even as a human being, I feel it is important to be able to hold within yourself the sense of improvement. At this point in time, I feel much more able and secure with myself and my skills. I have reached a new level with my work, and I am finding more balance in my life. I am better at it now, better at living! I still exercise 5-6 times a week, I still see my beloved friends and family. And I still work. But all of this I do better now.

Oh, it feels so good to lie tanned in the sunbeams of confidence!

Robin Buss (B&M Models) is a 19-year-old who recently travelled to Hong Kong to start her international career. The 176 cm (5'9") model was in Asia for the first time in her life and shared her experience with modelresource readers. Those stories can be found here.

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