Robin Buss

June 22, 2021

Robin Buss is a B&M Model currently on stay with Look Now in Milan.

Robin Buss
Robin Buss
by Doug Shimizu
Ciao! I am here in the swirling city of Milano, and I think I'm going to love it. Once I've settled in and acclimatized, I think I will do really well. The city is so different from what I expected. I thought there would be really tall modern buildings, but most structures are older and hardly any taller than some of the trees! There are little parks and piazzas (which I still read as pizza! oiy!), bakeries fuming with the delicious smells of fresh bread, cars and bicyclists roaming the streets at an alarming pace, and many, many girls. We see models all over the city.

Today I had six castings, and thankfully, one of my flat mates was designated babysitter and went with me to show me the ropes. The subways were really confusing at first, but it doesn't take very long to learn the system. I think I'll have it down by the end of the week. The weather was very schizophrenic; in the morning very cool and fresh, blazing in the afternoon and then a thunderstorm in the evening.

I am so lucky to have two wonderful Canadian girls living with me, one of which I know from Hong Kong! To be honest, they are probably the only thing keeping me from feeling really home sick right now.

I am still not completely all here. It is hard to believe I am actually in Milan! What an adventure!! A più tardy!

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