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Robin Buss

July 10, 2021

Robin Buss is a B&M Model currently on stay with Look Now in Milan.

Robin Buss
I can't believe that I was actually in Milano when Italy won the World Cup! What a truly amazing experience!!! First of all, I have to tell you that I knew Italy was going to win. I could feel it deep in the sinews of my body, it was as true a fact then as being alive. I knew Italy would be victorious.

When Italy went up against Germany on the 5th, it was my first time watching soccer (football...?) this season, and only the second time I actually sat down and watched a soccer game in my life. But, as a true optimist and Gemini, I take joy in other people's happiness, and slipped into the role of excited sports fan with little effort. For the Germany game I joined some fellow models at a bar on Corso Sempione (a really beautiful street, especially when lit up at night. Next to a big park, it is a prominent route for many, and is also where we frequently have editorial castings for Glamour and Vogue Sposa). I have known for a long time that Italy would win (just ask my mom), don't ask me why. So after what seemed like hours of play; near goals and drama, I came to the (silly you might say, but very serious to those of us who are superstitious) conclusion that I would not be able to see Italy make the goal. So, I went outside and very happily meditated under a tree. (just go with it...)

Within a minute of my leaving the giant TV screen of the bar, a burst of noise suddenly poured out from all around me and I knew it had happened! I went running back in to join my pals in celebration, just in time to catch the second goal that secured Italy's win! Oh, man, what a game!!!!

Sunday's game held even more intensity. You could feel it. This time at an outdoor club with multiple giant screens, aperitivo (dinner-like finger food) and a frenzy of anticipation that was both intensely exciting and shockingly sober. The game began. France and Italy each got a goal, and remained tied at 1-1 for the rest of the game (for those of you who didn't watch). No more headway was made in overtime, besides France losing their most valuable player due to a red card (I believe he head butted one of Italy's players. A no-no in soccer. Very funny to witness though!) Double overtime and the bar was in an uproar. I kept telling my Italian friends not to worry, Italy would come through. The kicks began and yes!! France missed one! Italy then proved their valour by getting every goal, and the game was won!!! I knew they would win!!! Oh my gosh, what a celebration!!!

That night the noise on the street continued till morning. I stripped off my carefully planned red, white & green outfit, and poured myself into bed. What a story to tell my grandkids: "When your grandma was modelling in Milan, she actually got to see the Italians win the World Cup." I love it!

Monday morning in Milan is much like Sunday afternoon. Many stores are still closed, people are slow, and the city feels like it is still yawning and stretching in an attempt to wake up for the rest of the week. It suited me just fine. I was able to go jogging through Parco Sempione, pick up some fruits and veggies from the little grocery store on the corner, and diligently get ready for my castings. Not too many today, but all went well.

Today was one of those good days where everyone liked me. At all of my castings I either felt like the client was seriously considering me for the job, or they flat out told me that I was the girl for them. Well isn't that nice!

I have figured out how to display my enthusiasm and energy by being animated and cheerful. I know how to introduce myself in Italian for extra points. I know to go to the castings early, to make a fresh impression, and smile before you leave to give the impression you are kind and easy to work with.

Italy is treating me well, and I love Milan. Only a couple more weeks in my contract, and I get to go home... but I will miss it. It's not the easiest market, but I like the challenge. And ma, no, but the people here are wonderful!

Brava Italia for making the dreams of your people a reality. The dreams of World Cup domination by the Italians, and my simple little dreams of travel, experience, fun and success. Viva Italia!!!!!

More to follow...

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