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Robin Buss

July 19, 2021

Robin Buss is a B&M Model currently on stay with Look Now in Milan.

Robin Buss, throwing the horns
So much has taken place since the last time I wrote, it seems that life in Milan moves a mile a minute! I was lucky enough to come across some free Rolling Stones tickets, and the show was amazing. I saw them once before at SARS-Stock in Toronto, which was a blast, but this performance was much better. It was one of those crazy nights when everything out of the ordinary and yet so entirely cliché happened.

To give you a taste of the experience in one mouthful: I was pushed, fully clothed, into the private pool of the Presidential suite of a fancy hotel, after the Rolling Stones concert in Milan.

What? What did I just say? Did that happen to me? Wasn't it just the day before when I was counting my money to see if I had enough to buy bananas? Is it not me that has been wearing the same rotation of clothes for six weeks? Am I not the one who rides the crowded subways, waits in crowded lines, walks down random streets of a city I don't belong to, to return home on the heated subways sticky and tired and dirty and wanting very much to curl up and evaporate from this bizarre existence? It's like a shot of cold water down the spine to be thrown into a stadium full of screaming fans and lovingly watch a band that my parents would enjoy.

The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards
And this is the life of a model. Ever changing. Never predictable. Who knows what job, big break, great meal, new friend is around the corner? And who knows how many frying streets, crowded castings, model apartments, long days I will have to see before something else exciting comes along? What a sporadic pendulum swing we are subject to!

And yet, I know that this is not just the life of a model we are talking about here, but all of life. Who knows what is around the corner for anyone. At any second, everything you know could be turned upside down. So in that case, my message is this: enjoy life! Take joy in the little things, and the big things will be great.

One last thing that I have to put out there is this: Why are castings hell? Please, if you are holding a casting of any kind, please be considerate to the models! Organize a way of keeping track of who gets there first and what order everyone is in. It can get so frustrating when girls think they can slip in ahead of everyone. They need to have a sheet of paper with their name telling them when they are next (and when they are not). And please don't make us stand outside in the blistering heat! If the wait is half an hour, let us wait inside! But since we are in Milan, and organization is not exactly what we'd say is their middle name, I leave you with a joke that my mom told me, written here with a light spirit, so please don't be offended. It's all in good fun.

Heaven is a place with French food, English manners, German efficiency and the Italian love of life. Hell is a place with English food, French manners, Italian efficiency, and the German love of life!

Go get 'em girls!

Until next time,


More to follow...

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