Robin Buss

August 31, 2021

Robin Buss

Robin Buss is a 19-year-old (B&M Models) who recently arrived in Hong Kong to start her international career. The 176 cm (5'9") model is in Asia for the first time in her life and has kindly agreed to provide modelresource readers with occassional updates on her experience.

It was mid August when Baby Blue, a modelling agency in Hong Kong, got in touch with me through my home agency, B&M in Toronto. They were interested in me and wanted me there as soon as possible! I was incredibly excited, but also rather nervous, but none the less, I packed up the majority of my material life (who knows what I'll need!), said goodbye to my supportive friends and family, and left for the unknown.

I flew from Toronto to Vancouver, to Beijing (which I needed a visa for) finally to arrive in Hong Kong on the night of Friday August 26th. I was exhausted and very confused about what time it was, but thankfully I was warmly received by Sam, the International Manager at Baby Blue.

Although the first night I had to stay in the living room of one of the four model apartments, I have since been staying in my own very comfortable room, in a two bedroom flat. I have to say, I cracked up when I saw that the bathroom was also the shower (imagine a shower nozzle looming over the toilet), but the small kitchen is very functional, and there is also a washer and mini fridge. I have become quite comfortable with the living situation.

The other models in the apartments have been very kind, giving me tours of Hong Kong, and showing me the ropes. There are girls from Russia, Korea and Argentina, as well as a fellow Torontonian. Its quite a mix, but English is (thankfully) the communal language, and these girls know how to have fun!

My first day was amazing. I woke up in a very strange and foreign city, to learn that its really not that different than Toronto after all. Granted I happen to live on Wing Lok street which is the centre of a kind of dried fish, nuts and roots market, but there are some very nice parts of the city. On the waters edge are situated the expensive designer shops (think of a mall full of Gucci, Armani, Lanvin, Mark Jacobs... its model heaven!) Heading up the mountain there are winding roads full of crazy taxis, lined with a mix of funky clothes and antique shops, restaurants and allies full of fruit and veggie vendors. When you look up, you can see the green of the mountain in between the buildings, which literally scape the sky.

The temperature is quite hot and humid, but if you take the outdoor escalators up the mountain, there is a nice breeze and a beautiful view. One of my castings led me to the harbour of the main land in Kowloon, where I saw a panoramic view of these incredibly lush mountain islands, speckled with high rises! The view of Hong Kong was beautiful!

I've only been here for a couple days, but so far I've had a handful of castings, which (to my relief) have been no more or less eventful than those of Toronto. I have been confirmed for a Harvey Nichols event in September, which I am very excited about. I am confident that this is the first of many jobs.

My agency here is really nice, and they have made sure that my needs are met. Although I miss the girls at B&M;, the crew here is working hard for me, and I know it will pay off. This is a good market for us blond/blue-eyed girls, everywhere I go I have young Asian women checking to see what I'm wearing! From this I know that I have a marketable image, and I'm glad to know that there is a vast potential for work here.

I have only been a little home sick, I think having the support and love that my friends and family continue to send me keeps me going. Every once in a while I take a step back and realize: I'm in Hong Kong!! What a wonderful opportunity to learn about this culture, to develop my skills and career as a model, and to grow as a person!

I am blessed. Modelling is something that I am very passionate about, and being here in Hong Kong is a stepping stone on the path of the dream I am following.

More to follow...

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