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Robin Buss

September 12, 2021

Robin Buss

Robin Buss is a 19-year-old (B&M Models) who recently arrived in Hong Kong to start her international career. The 176 cm (5'9") model is in Asia for the first time in her life and has kindly agreed to provide modelresource readers with occassional updates on her experience.

I had a casting on Thursday that reminded me of one of the very important aspects of being a model, and that's HAVE CONFIDENCE!! It doesn't matter if you are in Hong Kong, or Toronto or the Moon! If you are a model at a casting, the client will choose those girls who exude that something extra, and on Thursday I was reminded of that.

I had a casting for a Paul Smith runway show. The first couple of castings I had in Hong Kong were for some reason intimidating, not that they were any different than those in Toronto, but I just felt unsure of myself in this new territory. When I walked that Thursday, I didn't give it my all, and I knew that. Usually I pride myself on my walk. But on this occasion, I was unsure of myself and it showed up in my footwork. The client asked if the shoes didn't fit me, and I just agreed that yes, it was the shoes, but I knew that it was me. I knew that I could do better and I felt ashamed and stupid for not doing my best.

Well that night I thought about my confidence and how I approached that day's work. I had been mentally beating myself up and that didn't make me feel any better. Talking to my boyfriend and parents helped (they always have something encouraging to say, and my mom will always tell me I'm the best! She's a little biased, but I love it!) I also journalled a lot that night and made some decisions for myself. I decided that I will have a smile on my face every time I walk into a casting. I decided that I will give it my best shot, and really step out of my comfort zone to be that strong, confident, graceful and glamorous model the client wants to hire.

The next day (Friday) I had a casting for a Hair Salon shoot. I was on time, centred and ready to do what ever the client needed. They wanted to take pictures so instead of just standing there and smiling, I worked the camera and gave them all my angles and looks. I was very forward and shook hands with everyone, and smiled like I was on top of the world, and I was. I gave it my all, and by leaving my fear behind it was really fun and easy to just do my thing.

Well, I am happy to report that my booker called today and told my that they want to use me for the Hair Salon shoot! It's that easy! I realized that if you walk in not believing in yourself, the client probably won't believe in you either. But if you go in there and just burst with enthusiasm and grace, the client will pick up on that. This idea of confidence is the kind of thing that I had figured out in Toronto, but I had to relearn here. I'm learning and relearning all the time. It seems that that's what this wonderful journey is all about.

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