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Robin Buss

September 22, 2021

Robin Buss is a B&M Model in Toronto.

Robin Buss
Robin Buss
3:45 AM and I wake up to the rooster alarm I set on my phone. I roll out of bed, turn on the set of hot curlers waiting in the bathroom and go back to bed for another sleepless fifteen minutes. The rooster again.

This time when I get up I stuff towels in the cracks of my mother's door so as not to disturb her, and I begin the process of putting my hair up in curlers, section by section. I just found my favourite set of curlers a week ago in a box that I finally unpacked, and I am so happy to be able to have curly hair (yay!) that I don't care if my fingers are burning!

I make a banana-mango-yogurt shake in the blender and head back upstairs to finish my make up and hair. I look at the time, 10 minutes after 5:00?!?! I run out the door and jump in the car. Ah! I need gas! AHH! I need to go to the bank!! Finally I am ready to head downtown and out to Hamilton to model on the morning show for CH 11. By the time I get there, the sun has decided to get up too.

This is not the first time I've gotten up so ridiculously early, since I've been back in Toronto I have been fortunate enough to have a slew of work, including Breakfast Television in Toronto and Hamilton. There have also been a number of events and fashion shows, for profit and non, as well as tons of castings, mostly for TV commercials. With the possibility of a creative this weekend, and more work between now and then, it has been a very busy couple of weeks.

Now. I know you want to hear how I met Ivana Trump, my God, I've had more people asking me about it than I know what to do with! So why don't I tell you a little bit about the weekend I went to St. Tropez...?

Milan. July 20th, a Thursday night. The agency made Tori and I move again, this time into the official agency apartments, which we had been trying to avoid. Probably the worst place I've ever been asked to live!! Two small rooms with three girls each, a very dirty kitchen, a university res style bathroom with two grungy showers. I was not pleased. Up until then the accommodations had been fine, but since many models had left already, the agency wanted us consolidated to one apartment. Blah.

That night I hardly slept, I cried three times, and woke up in the morning with a heat rash! Yes, it was that bad. I kept telling myself that it was Karma, this was the really annoying, uncomfortable situation I had to persevere through to reach the really exciting and fabulous situation ahead: a weekend on the French Riviera!

And I made it out alive!! The next day Tori and I took a train to visit one of her friends who was working with her boss in St. Tropez, and had invited us out for the weekend. After a hot and sticky train ride through Italy and into France, we arrived in a beautiful, sunny and very French speaking town, from where we drove out to the Fabulous St. Tropez!

We stayed in the only available hotel, a very sweet villa-style bed and breakfast with kind staff and a sunny pool. The fun started right away! We went to lunch at a hugely popular place by the beach and couldn't stop meeting people! Our host had many friends, in fact, it seemed like this sprawling group of well-to-dos often ran into each other because they all vacation at the same hot spots! I wish I could run into Frances and Laura here! (my two best girlies!!)

The people Tori and I saw... this is a place full of money. I mean, people were really nice, but I've never seen so many cheek and chin implants in my life! Just way too much plastic surgery! I am pro natural when it comes to just about anything, so this is totally my opinion. I just think that if this is what people feel they have to do to look good, they are forgetting the power of their inner selves. Not money well spent in my opinion, but anyways...

During the day we would have lunch in the most exquisite places, partly open to the sun, partly in the shade of vines that have grown over tall, wood, beams. We ate from whole cork baskets of fresh veggies and dips, and sipped rose wine.

In the evenings there was always a party to go to. The first night was in celebration of "Small World," a networking website I was unfamiliar with. It was here where I sat, picture this, minding my own business, dotting on some lip gloss with my finger, when suddenly our host introduces, to my surprise, Ivana Trump! I looked up, smiled, and extended my clean left hand! She was very cordial, and told me it was nice to meet me... all I could think about was what an idiot I was for not having a lip gloss with a brush!!! I prayed that wasn't too awkward, and wiped my right hand finger on a napkin. I swore to myself I would be ready next time!

There was also the party where the guests were getting a bit bored (or at least boring) and I spiced things up by stepping into the pool, fully clothed! (I am becoming a pro at this, you see) Now, this caught the attention of everyone, and every time I met someone new they would remind me of my pool mischief. I also caught the eye of Mr. Harvey Weinstein, the producer of Wonderland... Pulp Fiction... and many others, and he wanted to spend some time with me, yes... "spend some time..." and I politely declined. Sorry Harvey, my boyfriend just wouldn't approve. (heehee! My goodness! Just so you know, I had no idea who this man was. He had to inform me of himself and his importance in the film industry, to which I still say: "Well, I never.")

Half the time I would look around and think what on Earth have I gotten myself into? Who are these people? Where am I? It honestly felt like a different world! I went to a small birthday lunch at someone's (Gorgeous!!!) villa, and happened to meet the Prince of Greece! I mean, that's not normal!

Over the course of that weekend I saw people like Tommy Hilfiger, and that model in all the Ralph Lauren ads. (what is her name? I can't remember right now, but she was really nice, and really cool to meet because I've always pictured her as this fierce Amazonian goddess, and here she is in front of me, not that tall, and very mousy in person. Very normal. I was blown away. It makes me think that hey, if she can transform...)

I also was able to see the most beautiful and luxurious sites... Nikki Beach where Pamela Anderson vacations, and this huge yacht that we spent an afternoon on visiting some friends, and rolling hills with exotic trees and the back drop of the ocean... It makes me melt just to think about it.

Now when I step outside its just a tad bit more chilly! But honestly, I love this time of the year. Fall in Toronto is so special. All the leaves slowly bursting into their fiery colours... the crisp, cool wind pulling along fat puffy clouds across a fresh blue sky. It's the season of light jackets and scarves. Finally we can start wearing our layers, which is still so important this season in Fashion. I love these glorious Autumn days... and at night, I can still dream...

More to follow...

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