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Robin Buss

September 27, 2021

Robin at the property video shoot

Robin Buss is a 19-year-old (B&M Models) who recently arrived in Hong Kong to start her international career. The 176 cm (5'9") model is in Asia for the first time in her life and has kindly agreed to provide modelresource readers with occassional updates on her experience.

Friday, September 23 was a very busy day for me. I had two big jobs. First, I participated in the Harvey Nichol's event (from 2pm to 8pm), then I did a shoot for a property video, that started at 11pm and finished at 4 in the morning!! I have lots to say about both jobs, it was all so much fun! Here is what I wrote about the work in my journal:

Backstage at the Harvey Nichol's show all the girls are quiet. It's a slightly somber mood - tired, recovering. Slowly, slowly, one by one we get our make-up done. Pale faces, big eyelashes, rouge cheeks and those Victorian style lemon-lips. Wigs will be next, then I guess we'll begin to get dressed, adding the final touches of jewellery and boob inserts. All of this will take about 4 hours. Then we'll queue up, and do a runway show that takes less than 2 minutes! What a life! What a process. But this is what they want, you must please the client!

I enjoyed the drama of what we were wearing. I had on (my idea of) the perfect New Yorker's little black dress. Trimmed in velvet, it fit like a glove and made me look and feel marvellous, darling! The wigs were a Dr. Suess style of curls climbing up to a point, which made the finished product all the more interesting. The runway show was very short, but each of the models gave a pair of scissors to one of the honoured guests, who then cut the red tape. The only thing I really had a problem with was how much all the models complained! They seemed to be victims of everything! The shoes didn't fit, didn't match, the clothes had this or that problem, the hair was uncomfortable, the make-up was bad, they didn't like the staff, they didn't like the food, they didn't like anything! It started to really bug me. These girls needed a wake up call. Yes, our job isn't necessarily easy, but we are getting paid to walk around in beautiful clothes! I ask any models who read this to take a look at how much they complain. I'm no saint, I certainly express my dislikes too, but to a limit. But besides the lack of school spirit, it was a really great experience. Oh, a thought just occurred to me: complaining is a form of socializing. A complaint is something everyone can agree on (whether it's valid or not), and it could be something that makes us girls backstage feel companionship. Well, isn't time we all started to look on the brighter side?

Especially in Asia, a smile is
a model's best feature
The shoot for the property video took place in a very unlikely venue: a Hockey rink! The scurrying crew set up giant, glaring lights in front of a huge green screen, on top of the ice! With the lights so bright, you could see a thin, cold mist lingering in between the equipment. My first shot was a close up of me waving goodbye to the camera. It was my very first video shoot, but I went in telling myself I could do it, and I left saying "I did it!" The second shot was a little more involved: I stood on top of a raised glass table (a little scary!) and had to pretend I was in a glass bubble, floating over the city. As silly as it sounds (can you imagine acting that out?), it was easy for my improv skills to kick in and I just floated away. I was very pleased with my performance, as was the client. It felt so good to walk off the set of something that was entirely new to me, feeling like I rocked it! It really is up to you, what your experience is. I believed I would do well, I really believed in myself, and the results were fantastic. I learned that if you go in there with confidence, listening to the clients' needs is easy (because you're not focused on your own!)

Well, I have another busy week ahead of me, so there's lots more to come. Remember to appreciate all your experiences, and try not to complain about your work, just have fun with it!

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