Robin Buss

September 30, 2021

Robin Buss is a 19-year-old (B&M Models) who recently arrived in Hong Kong to start her international career. The 176 cm (5'9") model is in Asia for the first time in her life and has kindly agreed to provide modelresource readers with occassional updates on her experience.

It's been a good week. Work is still steadily increasing, which is just as I had hoped, but with more work comes, well, more work!!

I had castings and fittings on Monday, fittings and a jewellery show on Tuesday, castings and fittings on Wednesday, a show in Macau (call time was 6:30 am!!) on Thursday, and today, Friday, I had a second venture back to Macau (again with the 6:30 business!) and a hasty return to an editorial in the afternoon. It is now getting dark, and my main goal is to find my way back to my bed and hibernate for the rest of the weekend! Ah, but wait, I actually have a casting tomorrow. And I thought I had a break, silly me!

So this is really the model's life. Being able to cope with a million different factors of work that require personal and physical strength, organization, charisma, patience, and understanding, energy that can be turned on and off at the flick of a switch, and still have enough time to schmooze over drinks and then get a decent night's sleep. After the kind of week I've had I feel like its an achievement that I can even type coherent sentences! I am so tired.

But this is the life I've asked for, the life I am striding towards, the path I have chosen. Working and thriving in Hong Kong has opened the door to so many new experiences to learn from. It almost feels like a school! Learning how to use new tools in a different context; I'll figure out something at one job, then use it successfully at a casting, which leads to a another job, which undoubtedly leads to more learning experiences. As a model I am learning how to constantly pick up new strategies and useful tips to help push me another step forward in my career. It is a magical web I am learning how to spin... except now those steps are turning into strides.

Are leaps and bounds next?

I hope so, even if that means increased intensity of the demands on myself. Being a model is certainly fun, but its not easy. But neither is the rest of life. Overcoming the challenges are some of the best parts on the path to self fulfilment! So, I may be blitheringly tired, painfully achy and mentally a puddle of goop, but I'm happy goop because I know that I'm doing it. I am actually physically achieving my dream.

Its been a GOOD week.

More to follow...

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