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Robin Buss

October 17, 2021

Robin Buss is a B&M Model in Toronto.

Robin Buss in
Marie Saint-Pierre
The Marie Saint-Pierre show was a huge success! Her vision was interesting and beautiful, the clothes were gorgeous, and this time Toronto's L'Oréal Fashion Week really did it right.

In the past LFW has been a jumbled, somewhat disorganized and even unsatisfying experience. I remember one time during the Fall 2006 shows, the runway choreography was changed at the very last minute. The models felt ruffled, and the clothes were hidden by the decision to leave us on the runway lined up on the outside of the stage. People couldn't see the next outfit as it approached! Last night had a much different feeling.

The show went smoothly, and was superb. Hair and make-up was done far in advance, we did a run through on the catwalk before the doors opened, then we were dressed and checked by the designer before half the audience had even come in. We were ready and waiting, which seemed rare, since in the past back stage has been rush-rush-rush from beginning to end. The show's preparedness set the tone for a wonderful event!

Imagine this: I'm waiting in a line of girls. slowly I move up to the front, next it will be my turn. Marie Saint-Pierre performs some final fussing over each of us before we are signalled to go. I'm given a little nudge, my collar is given its final tug, and I'm off. Turn the corner and in front of me is a long, long runway. I follow the white catwalk to the end, where I am met by a wall of flashing photographers. That's the good stuff. To stand in your pose, and get your picture taken like that during Fashion Week, its what I love.

I'm not surprised there were so many pictures being taken, Marie's clothing was really gorgeous. Sensual, flowing pieces, with no-nonsense crimped ribbons tied here and there. Lots of black and nude pieces, I also saw some light blue, and green. To complete the look, each model had a doll (I think they're called Bratz? They're the new Barbie) tied in her hair. The dolls were mostly naked, and seemed to be struggling in a sea of styled hair. It looked a little creepy, and left a lot of questions, which I LOVE. Fashion should be interesting and provocative of something! Good for her, everyone loved her collection.

On a more personal note, I felt really honoured to be part of the events this year. I've been modeling for two years, so I guess I do know what I'm doing, but even still I sometimes feels like a little child pretending to be a star. I still get butterflies, I still feel unsure at times, and I still feel small. It was such a nice surprise to have comments from people I've worked with in the past say: "Oh, you know what you're doing, you're a pro!" I am? Oh, OK. And thank you so much to the girls who approached me to say hi.

It was especially a pleasure to meet Lydia, who had a blog here not too long ago. To know that there are such kind, sweet and encouraging souls out there, really makes me grateful. It is this kind of energy, that good natured, kind hearted, enthusiastic vibe, that will help make this season's Fashion Week shine.

More to follow...

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