Robin Buss

October 22, 2021

Robin Buss
Robin Buss

Robin Buss is a 19-year-old (B&M Models) who recently arrived in Hong Kong to start her international career. The 176 cm (5'9") model is in Asia for the first time in her life and has kindly agreed to provide modelresource readers with occassional updates on her experience.

It has been truly glorious in Hong Kong. Clear blue skies, soft breeze, sunshine permeates the colourful day to day bustle of this island city. Now that I've been here for a month and a half, I look around and see how comfortable I am here. I know my way around, I have a good sense of the people, and with so much going on, so much is possible!

There is something I've been waiting for, something that I always thought of as a mark of achievement, and it has finally come true! When I was walking down Lan Kwi Fung with my Dad, I looked up a street and saw a picture of someone I recognized - me! After weeks of seeing my friends here in ads all over the city, I know have my very own two story billboard of... my back, but still! I love it! Dad was so happy for me, he was so proud. It was a really good moment to share with dear old Dad. Now I am meditating on getting a beauty ad, just 'cause it would kind of nice to see my face!

I had my first job in China on Friday. Shenzhen is an hour train ride south of Hong Kong, and you have to pass through customs to enter. It was a long day, they work you really hard over there. We were shooting a catalogue, and in the 6 hours I worked, I literally had 30 to 50 outfits. It was gruelling work. I felt like I was part of a production line of clothes! Some of the people I worked with didn't speak any English, but just like math, Fashion is an international language. It was funny, the Art Director and I said maybe two words to each other the whole time, and yet we perfectly understood each other. I really feel like this experience has proven to me that people, no matter their background, are not that different. I felt very pleased that language does not have to be a barrier.

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