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Robin Buss

December 4, 2021

Robin Buss is a B&M Model in Toronto.

Robin Buss
It sounds like someone's trying to blow down the house! Finally, a true moment to share with you the goings on of a young aspiring person, and the good ol' Canadian wind is knocking at the door. I don't know about you, but my first inclination is to hide in a shell, or in some sort of protective cocoon. Is it as surprisingly windy where you are as it is here?

Last week on the drive to the subway from Richmond Hill it started to beat down buckets of rain! The run from the streetcar to the dripping TTC has never felt so long! One must be fully prepared to battle the oncoming weather in Toronto, whether its running into the casting with an inside-out umbrella, or showing your new weather vein hair (pointing East) off to your agents, it is a time where we models have to maintain a sense of humour and fun as we do our best to keep going.

Now is the time where models in Toronto have to weather the winds like surfers treading water at the edge of the tide. At this point in my career I feel that the water is deep, and I am ready for a really good wave. When that wave comes your way you got to ride it babe. That's how it works. Do your thing. Do what works, do what you like, do what's pleasurable and gets you the result you want. I smile to admit that modelling does that for me. Every time I walk through the door at a casting I have an entirely unique experience, and travelling to Hong Kong and Milan has been really special. They are markers of my life. Just like when I moved to Canada, back in '96.

I don't know how many of you know this, but I'm originally from the States. I moved to Richmond Hill with my Mom when I was nine, and so have lived out half my life in the US, and half my life in Canada. Over half my life in Canada at this point. Honestly... I love it here.

I love the ease in which Canadians offer to help one another. I love Toronto as a city, with all its multi-cultural districts and funky avenues. I love the people I meet, either on the streets downtown (like my streetcar-driver friend who sings the stops down King in his gorgeous caramel voice), or at the castings and jobs I go to. People in this city, and I suspect this to be relatively true for the rest of Canada, are genuinely nice. I deeply appreciate that.

That is why I have stayed with my agency, B&M; for the two plus years I have been modelling. I found a place where the people I work with are genuinely nice. They care about my well being, not just my career. I expect that from my mom, from my boyfriend, from my friends, but from my agents?

I say props to anyone who is taking the time to put out a peaceful vibration into the universe!

I know there are tons of you out there, doing what you can in your own small or big way to not only make the Fashion and Entertainment industries better for all of us, but creating a better world in which to live... and love.

So ridiculously windy or not, sunny or rainy or grey, snowy and cold or slushy or freezing...that's why I love Canada. Because the people make it worth it. Because of you.

More to follow...

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