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Following an overnight flight and a short stayover in Brussels, Chant had been taxied straight to a meeting with Miuccia Prada when she landed in Italy, and went to bed that night still not knowing if she would be in the show. The next morning she got confirmation, but Prada is known for pulling girls from the lineup moments before they are scheduled to walk, so New York Models was still insisting on secrecy until her heels had taken her safely around the showroom runway for the assembled fashion media to record.

What was going through Chant's mind, sitting in Pat McGrath's makeup chair, surrounded by the likes of Stam and Sasha? "Mostly just fitting into the dress," she says flatly. "It had very tiny sleeves." What about when they pushed you on stage? "Yeah, really you just go." And when you were on runway? "The only distracting thing was a woman in the front row that had so much Botox."

When asked to describe herself Chant responds with "as someone that would be reluctant to describe herself," but not in a guarded way. She's no prude (in fact I've witnessed a wicked little slice of her humour, although I promised not to talk about that... and anyway, she insists her sister is partially responsible). This is a girl that simply doesn't want to be typecast. Her manner is pleasant, but she's not about to limit her potential by putting a box around herself.

After Milan her name had circulated throughout New York and two weeks later it was time for the model to do the same. Chant, who had spent just five days in the classroom this academic year, was about to miss another full week of school. In the days that followed, while she powered through 24 go-sees in four days, her unique features would appear two places every new model wants to show up: Confessions Of A Casting Director and

Around the same time new images appeared on the New York Models website. A new girl emerged to whet the aesthetic appetite of editorial clientele. The photos are of a less touched-up, more natural model. Cate Chant's potential has never been more evident.