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Jocelyn Chew

Featured Model

Jocelyn Chew

Agency  edge (Victoria)

Hometown  Victoria, B.C.

Background  1/2 Chinese 1/4 Icelandic 1/4 British

Modelling Since   2008

Age  17

Height  5'9" (175 cm)

Hair  Brown

Eyes  Hazel / Brown

Discovered  Modelling was something I always wanted to give a shot, so I applied to edge.

Best Modelling Moment  Everyday is a "best modeling moment" because I am given the privilege to do what I love.

Awkward Modelling Moment  At a casting there was a bowl of fruit sitting in the middle of the table and I really wanted one of the apples because they looked delicious, I grabbed one of the apples and took a bite soon realizing it was a fake apple just there for decoration... I guess it really was too good to be true. The casting was packed with girls and guys, it was definitely one of my more embarrassing moments!

Favourite Market  I love travelling and every market has something different and fun to offer but I really love NYC and Miami. NYC when it's warm and when it starts to get cold, off to Miami! Both cities have so much to offer and there is always something to do.

Favourite Model  Chanel Iman has always been a favorite model of mine, but recently I've been amazed by Abbey Lee Kershaw. She seems really fun and real, she's a model that I would love to meet!

Most embarrassing song on your iPod  702 - Where my girls at.

Not going to lie, my friends and I love to blast that song in the car and sing... but don't tell anyone.

Also represented by
  • Wilhelmina (New York)
  • Wilhelmina (Los Angeles)
  • Wilhelmina (Miami)
  • Mannequin (Singapore)
  • Style International (Hong Kong)
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