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Kim Cloutier

Featured Model

Kim Cloutier

Agency  Next (Montréal)

Hometown  Montréal

Background  French... a WHILE ago hahaha!

Modelling Since  2003, I was 16

Age  21

Height  175 (5'9")

Hair  Light Brown

Eyes  Green/Blue

Discovered  By my dad Michel Cloutier, a photographer in Montréal!!!

Best Modelling Moment  When I shot for Abercrombie & Fitch with Bruce Weber. We were about 25 models in Miami Beach having fun for four days, it was awesome!

Awkward Modelling Moment  The very fisrt job I had was a show for Montréal's fashion week. They have put confetti on the floor. So when I went out the confetti stuck to my shoes, my foot slipped, I forgot to stop at the end of the runway because I was too nervous and my pants fell down... I wanted to vanish hahahaha!!!

Favourite Model  Natalia Vodianova

Most embarrassing song on your iPod?  Je t'aime et tu ne le sauras jamais'' from Les BB; a French Canadian group in the 90s hahaha!!

Also represented by
  • Next (Toronto)
  • Ford (New York)
  • Next (Paris)
  • FM (London)
  • Mega (Hamburg)
  • Chic (Sydney)
  • Dominique (Belgium)
  • Interact

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