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Claire Cormeau

December 5, 2021

Claire Cormeau
Claire Cormeau
in Fashion18

Claire Cormeau was recently selected by Modelresource readers as the model most likely to join the other Canadians stars at the top of the modelling world. Accordingly, Modelresource decided to get to the 17-year-old a little bit better, and introduce her to our readers.

First off, what kind of person are you?
I'm a really mellow person. I love to try new things, to meet new people, and to see new places! Modelling has opened so many new horizons for me and has taught me so many things.

Your zodiac sign is Taurus. Do you believe in astrology, and if so, how are you a typical Taurus?
I don't believe in astrology (well not officially!) but it just so happens that Taurus fits my personality quite well. I am reliable, patient, determined, and loving. I'm also really stubborn and can be self-indulgent at times.

What is a typical day like for Claire Cormeau?
When I'm at home, I spend most of my time finishing grade 12 on my laptop. When I'm away in New York, the possibilities are endless! Perhaps a shoot where I get slathered in brown paint all over, or where fans blow my hair into tangles or I have to bounce on a trampoline (lol). It's always such fun to be at the centre of so much mad creativity! I feel very fortunate.

Claire Cormeau
Claire Cormeau backstage at
L'Oréal Fashion Week
You have only been modelling since January and have already done some pretty big things. Are you surprised by how well you have done?
It was not at all what I was expecting! In fact, at first I was sort of in shock. My dad had a fit! I guess we are starting to get used to it now, though I still can't believe how lucky I am. I love modelling!

What convinced you to give modelling a shot? Had you thought about it for a while before doing it?
Kelly Streit of Mode Models convinced me to give modelling a shot. Friends had been telling me for a while that I should try it out. We'd already heard good things about Mode, so we decided to visit them. We were immediately bowled over by Kelly's enthusiasm. In fact, he got me to do a test shoot on the spot. It was a blast, and I was hooked. He said that I should try out my luck in New York for the winter show season. First I went to Toronto for some test shoots, and then on to New York. I feel very fortunate to be working for Kelly: he is focused, frank and incredibly good at what he does!

What is the best tip or trick you've picked up along the way?
Modelling is like acting in a sense. Take shows for example. Different designers want different walks. Valentino might want his models to walk with elegance and sophistication whereas models for Baby Phat walk sexy. When hired for a shoot, models have to portray different looks and be able to express different moods. Each time models step in front of the camera, they have to reinvent themselves in a different guise.

Claire Cormeau
Claire Cormeau
by Geoff Barrenger
Have you been surprised by anything asked of you, and how did you deal with it?
Before I started modelling, I would look at fashion magazines, and I didn't have a clue how much work it takes for one of those pictures. I mean there's hair, there's makeup, there's lighting, backdrops, you name it. I was expecting shoots to last an hour at the most! I learned to bring a good book with me!!! Also, there is no time for modesty, particularly during shows. You quickly adopt a very European mentality, and become much more comfortable with your body.

You're doing high school online. Are you happy with that arrangement?
I'm missing out on high school social life but I still get to socialize a lot in my spare time. The great thing about cyberschool is the flexibility! You can work when you have time.

Did you know much about modelling before you started?
My initiation to modelling was very sudden and unexpected. I jumped into modelling at the deep end so to speak, and so I had a steep learning curve. I had to learn a lot about the industry in a very short amount of time. Kelly was enormously helpful to me. When I did my first show, I was so terrified, but now I just go with the flow and enjoy myself.

Do you spend much time now learning about the modelling industry?
Yes, it's very important to know who's who in the industry and what the trends are. It takes a surprising amount of work to stay on top of all this. Professional behaviour is very important. A model must arrive on time, have a thorough beauty routine, and dress appropriately. Your site is full of excellent advice!

Do you have a career in mind after modelling?
I think I want to become a vet after modelling. I really love animals.

What about you would surprise people?
Well, when I'm at home, I lead a very ordinary life. My mom buys everybody's clothes at Value Village! My parents are aging hippies, into health food and a simple lifestyle. Our holidays are always spent hiking and camping.

You mentioned going to New York in January (with Women Management). What expectations do you have?
I don't think you can have expectations when you're a model. There's so much competition internationally. You have to take it as it comes.

How have you changed personally since you started modelling? What has it taught you?
Modelling has made me grow up real fast! I do feel old compared to my friends at home. I see how I've changed and they haven't. I'm a lot more responsible with my money. I went cherry picking with my friends a few summers ago and blew all the money I earned on clothes!!!!! My parents had a fit! Now, I want to concentrate on saving up for college.

Is there anything (related to modelling) you feel really strongly about?
My family has been very supportive of my modelling. My dad teases my mom; he says she has a shrine to me. It can be a Sears catalogue, it can be V Magazine, it doesn't matter she wants to get her hands on anything that I'm in!. Other than that I must say that my home life hasn't changed one bit. I feel strongly that you need a lot of support from your friends and family to model.

What else would you want people to know about you?
You can't take modelling too seriously because it can end with hardly any notice. The industry is fickle. That said, modelling is a blast! I have never had so much fun in my life!