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Chelsea Coyle

August 16, 2021

Germany: Blog ONE

August 4th - the day of my departure. It still hadn't occurred to me that I would be going to Germany in less than twelve hours. The feeling probably hadn't hit me because I had yet to start packing. Packing takes forever. I don't really understand how I have accumulated so many clothes, however spending the last month in Toronto close to the Eaton Centre could be the reason. My biggest concern at this point was whether or not my luggage was going to go over the weight limit. I constantly kept zipping up my suitcase, dragging it to the bathroom (which was quite the challenge) and using the scale to weigh me plus the suitcase. It was a workout alright! My suitcase may or may not have been close to 40 pounds. Now, that is a lot of clothes and shoes!

I arrived at the airport and couldn't have been more terrified in my entire lifetime to be perfectly honest. There was a huge line and I arrived a little pressed for time. The last thing I wanted was to miss my flight. Thankfully one of the employees at the airport noticed me before my mini breakdown, asked where I was going and took me to the front of the line where I checked in and got all that I needed to embark on my journey to Deutschland. "Goodbye Toronto, Hello Germany" ... or shall I say "Guten Morgen?"

The plane ride was nowhere near as luxurious as I had hoped. Of course, of all people I'm the one stuck with the one seat that will not lounge back when I press the button. Sleeping would require very awkward positioning and a great deal of sore-ness afterwards. I was also situated between two 10-year-old siblings who were constantly fighting. Even though it was in German and I couldn't understand what they were saying, it was still rather annoying and conflicted with my beauty sleep. No rest on an eight hour plane ride... no biggie. Oh, except for the fact that I would be going straight from the airport in Hamburg to the agency. Oh no.

I arrived at the Modelwerk agency and everyone was very welcoming and nice. I met the bookers for 'new faces' - the ones I would be dealing with primarily - and they explained everything to me about how to get around Hamburg and the rules of the agency, all of that fun stuff. I was also jet lagged and could have probably fallen asleep standing up. But for the most part I remembered a great deal of what they had said to me. From my agency I was taken to the apartment that I will be staying at for my two months in Hamburg.

The apartment is nice and cozy. Here I am staying with an older lady who rents out the extra room to models. I am the only model in this apartment. Conveniently there's a grocery store just right down the street and the gym is a five minute walk from the apartment. Perfect!

It had only been two days since I arrived in Hamburg and I was already booked for test shoots and a job. That weekend I had a shoot on an island two hours away. It was a nice little vacation and the team that I had the privilege of working with was awesome. After the weekend I had a job for Zalanado; a popular online fashion store in Germany. For this I would take the train to Berlin for the day for shooting. Mentally I was not prepared for Zalando. I was unaware of how many outfits we would actually be shooting. 50 outfits to be exact. 50 flippin' shirts and dresses! I also have a few more test shoots coming up. The purpose of these are to build my book for clients and the more experience in front of the camera the better.

In between all of this craziness, my campaign and commercial for Off the Wall clothing store is out in Canada - which is pretty exciting. There's an Off the Wall in my hometown of Barrie, Ontario and several others across Canada! The commercial is a national spot that plays on Muchmusic, MTV, and during the pre-show at the Cineplex movie theatre. Everyone always tells me that they see my commercial while watching Jersey shore or when they are at the movies watching Step Up 3D or The Other Guys. Everytime I read these comments, I get all giddy and happy. Hopefully, when I get back from my travels the campaign will still be up so that I can see it in person.

I have to admit that Hamburg is boring and lonely when you are here by yourself. Sure, it has only been a week but I am hoping that I meet some other models (who speak English) and discover a whole other side of Hamburg. I am extremely grateful to be here right now and am excited to see what these next two months bring for me and ....yes mom I will start taking some pictures.


Chelsea Coyle is a Chantale Nadeau model, currently with Modelwerk in Hamburg.


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