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Chelsea Coyle

September 27, 2021

Germany: Blog TWO

It has been quite some time since I have last written. Many things have happened in the past month or so - both good and bad. If I could write about all of them I would, but this blog would go on forever. So I will make sure to keep it short and sweet. First off, I have done so many test shoots and have been blessed to have met so many amazing people - and yes, the majority of them spoke English... wahoooo!

I have taken so many plane rides here. If I have a booking or a test shoot in Munich or Frankfurt or even Stuttgart, they send me on a plane. This was crazy and exhilerating. Especially for me, who before even coming to Germany had only been on a plane once before. One of the test shoots I did was in Munich. Now to get to Munich I had to take a plane, of course. At this shoot I was modelling dresses made out of paper! Yes, that's right, PAPER. These dresses were absolutely stunning. I just hope that they were recycled after the designer was finished with them. Got to keep our planet Earth green!

About three weeks ago I experienced the most traumatic event for a model who is very dependent on social networking. Demi's and Ashton's marriage was in jeopardy, Snooki was always up to something scandalous, it was decided that Katy Perry was too sexy for Sesame Street and I had just got back from Berlin where I was doing a beauty shoot for an editorial. I was so excited to turn on my computer to tell my mom all about it via facebook, however how could I do that when my computer had just crashed nearly one month into my trip to Germany?

My agency took pity upon me and sent my laptop home with one of their bookers to see if they could cure it from its deadly virus or I would have to let it die a natural death.

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Chelsea Coyle
Chantale Nadeau's Chelsea Coyle by Maxime Billon (Germany)

Modelling ventures became much more interesting with castings and shoots every day where I would be instantly 'glamorized.' At the end of the day I would return to my apartment, taking the 53957463 steps required to keep in shape. During this time I read the same two books three times each - let me say Jodi Picoult is an amazing writer - and gazed out the window at the steady downpours of rain that occur in this area of the world; way too much if you ask me. Some days I missed home incredibly but then my thoughts would transpire to how very blessed I was to have this life and these remarkable opportunities.

Amidst my two weeks of technology deprivation, I had a booking for the Tommy Hilfiger store in Hamburg. I was to model like a mannequin in the store window with another male model. We stood there for six hours. But it was certainly a good six hours. We were in a lot of tourist photos. We managed to scare quite a few people. Most importantly, we made a lot of people smile and laugh. I also spent a lot of time in cafés where I would read and people watch, of course. In the end of those two weeks, my champion of a laptop did survive! Yay!

Modelling is an uncertain profession and you never know what tomorrow will be. You are never thin enough, tall enough, and your co-workers are your rivals. You are travelling alone most of the time and there is a lot of being away from your friends and family, but you do have the opportunity to look 'hot' all of the time which is great fun.

The present world I reside in would not have been possible without my past. I am most proud of being able to represent my family and hometown with honour and dignity and in doing so stayed true to myself.

In closing, my heart always belongs in Canada and remember, a model is only an imitation of the real thing.

See you soon Toronto!

Chelsea Coyle is a Chantale Nadeau model, currently with Modelwerk in Hamburg.


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