Chelsea Coyle

October 19, 2021

Chelsea Coyle
Chantale Nadeau's Chelsea Coyle
photo: Geneviève Caron

Paris: Week TWO

The first week in Paris flew by. I feel like I just got here and it is crazy to believe that it is already my second week in the beautiful city of lights. I started my week off with trips to some art museums. Actually, not just any art museums! I went to the Musée du Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay. I spent four hours at the Louvre and I don't even think that I saw the entire museum. The paintings, sculptures, artificats and antiques are so captivating and nothing like I have ever seen before. I also managed to see the infamous Mona Lisa. Although, Mona Lisa is not an easy woman to get near. She was surrounded by a huge crowd of tourists. They were flashing their cameras like there was no tomorrow. After about ten minutes of elbowing and a little shoving I got a front row view of Mona Lisa. But, to be honest, after the much anticipated excitement and the struggle of getting through the crowd, I must say I wasn't as dumb-founded as I thought that I would be. However, Mona Lisa created the smile with your eyes "smizing" that Tyra Banks later called her own.

On my next day in Paris, I ventured up to Sacré Coeur. There is no exaggeration when I say 'up' either. There were so many stairs. After conquering millions of steps, I finally reached Basilica and all I can say is those stairs were worth it. Sacré Coeur dominates the skyline. It is situated on a hill in a north suburb on the streets of Montmarte. Here, I admired the best free view of the city and was enticed by the free entertainment taking place outside of this church. There was a man singing songs by Queen. He was amazing. At the bottom of the stairs there was also a group of breakdancers. Once again, they were unbelieveable. They left me speechless. It is amazing how much talent there is in Paris. No matter where I go I see the most talented people, whether it's the man on the metro playing the accordion, the women singing in the streets or the men breakdancing outside the most notable tourist spots.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is without a doubt one of the must-see tourist spots on my Paris itinerary. Without hesitation, I made sure to go to this cathedral. Notre Dame has a striking gothic exterior, two broad towers and amazing arches. The exterior is full of intricate details and the ornate interior is breath-taking.The south tower holds the great bell of Notre Dame and the infamous Hunchback of Notre Dame, as told by Victor Hugo. All I can say is that I wish my church back home looked like the Notre Dame Cathedral!

Many people had suggested going on the boat tour on the Seine River. It is supposed to be the best way to tour Paris. Sure enough, my roommate and I walked down to the Seine River and took the boat tour. I learned so many things from that boat tour. I learned where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned and put to death by the guillotine. We passed under 22 of the 37 bridges on the Seine River. It was so cool! I couldn't have asked for a better way to tour this wondrous city. Not to mention, the weather could not have been any more perfect. There was a cool, crisp fall breeze and the sun was shining perfectly.

In the midst of all my tourist adventures, I also have been going to go-sees and castings. Most of them are easy to get to and I rarely find myself getting lost. But, others are not as easy as I would like them to be. I sometimes find myself pretty lost but somehow manage to snap right out of it and end up at the right location. Each day, I have become more and more comfortable with these winding streets and many metro lines.

I never thought I would say this but I had my first fashion test shoot yesterday in PARIS! Whoa! Sure, I have had lots of photoshoots but who can say that they had one in Paris? I think that it went pretty well. The team I worked with was great, but they spoke a lot of French. This kind of left me in the dark half of the time. But, overall... great shoot! I am thankful for my Proficiency in French certificate as it has been extremely helpful on my journey.

Oh, before I forget I must tell you all about the French men here. They are so funny. One night I was walking up Champs-Elysées, and a French man stopped me and had asked me why I was walking so fast. He then asked if he could be my sports coach. I'm not sure if this was an attempt at trying to pick me up or to make fun of me. The crazy thing is, that I could probably use a sports coach. Weird.

This morning I woke up and did some channel surfing. I happened to find MTV. I was excited because I thought that it was going to be in English but turns out it was French. I don't know why, but I ended up watching it for over an hour and I am still watching it as I write this blog. I can't really say that I know what they are saying but something kept me watching and not wanting to change the channel.

See you soon Canada!

Chelsea Coyle is a Chantale Nadeau model, currently with Crystal in Paris.


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