Chelsea Coyle

November 2, 2021

Chelsea Coyle
Chantale Nadeau's Chelsea Coyle

Paris: Week THREE

My first international travel as a model is coming to a close and what an adventure it has been. Paris has the reputation of being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, brimming with history, culture, art, fashion, and design. My journalistic nature and love of history has provided me with the urge to experience many new things while I have been here and the City of Lights has not let my dream be anything else but an adventure of a lifetime. Paris captured my heart and soul.

My final week was filled with introductions to clients and photo shoots. My test shoots were with wonderful teams and also an online magazine for makeup. I had a lot of chances to practice my French and meet many incredibly talented people. I am anxious to share the pictures with you. Unfortunately, my final few days were not as enjoyable as I would have liked as I came down with a nasty sinus infection, but did I let it slow me down?

Of course not!

My roommate and I went souvenir shopping on a beautiful fall day where the smell of pastries filled the air and violins and laughter were in abundance. We walked to Rue Rivoli where there are many large buildings lining the street with covered walkways. We window shopped there for a few blocks and I did actually go into one or two stores and picked up a few gifts for my friends and family. I absolutely had to get a "J'adore Paris" sweatshirt and t-shirt for myself! Some of the stores were very expensive but not all, to my surprise.

I then had to return to see the Eiffel tower one more time. Every hour on the hour it sparkles with thousands of lights. Itís very cool! We took pictures from the Palais de Chaillot across the river and then walked over to it. It was night time so the tower was lit up and you just canít even imagine how huge it is! You can see it from almost anywhere you are in Paris so you know it must be tall but itís more the sheer size of it that stuns you when you see it from the other side of the river and watch the people and teeny tiny car lights passing underneath it. From gazing at the Mona Lisa, to viewing the site where Marie Antoinette was put to death by the guillotine, to attending mass at the Notre Dame Cathedral and receiving the blessing of the holy water, those are surreal moments to a girl of strong faith like myself.

My last day in Paris was spent at my agency, catching up on a lot of homework that I had missed and visiting with my bookers and agents. They are wonderfully kind and will have a place in my heart always. The group of us pitched in on a lottery ticket, however we did not win. That never mattered as I feel like I have already won the lottery. The best moment was when they invited me to return to Paris to continue in my modeling career. I guess I will get the chance to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower after all.

I must say that my favourite moment in Paris was when I walked onto the Pont Au Change Bridge. My dream for such a long time, was that my modeling would eventually lead to Paris and not only that but that I would have my picture taken on the Pont Au Change bridge. It is one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris. I can now say that not only did I get to travel to the City of Lights but I also have a picture of myself on the Pont Au Change Bridge. That memory is one I will hold dear in my heart forever.

After a very long and turbulent filled flight home I arrived back to my beloved homeland. Stepping foot on Canadian soil made me fall in love with my country all over again and realize Dorothy was right when she stated; "There's no place like home!" I look forward to my next adventure and you can be sure that I will share that with all of you as well. My message to everyone is; "Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something, for you can! With perseverance, patience, hard work, making good choices and surrounding yourself with the right people in your life you can achieve anything." Thank you Chantale Nadeau, Dan Grant and Crystal Modeling Agency for making my dream a reality.

See you soon Canada!

Chelsea Coyle is a Chantale Nadeau model, currently with Crystal in Paris.


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