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Agency  Montage

Hometown  Québec, PQ

Background  Canadian or Québecoise

Modelling Since  2007

Age  17

Height  5'9½ (177 cm)

Hair  Light Brown

Eyes  Blue/Green

Discovered  Isabelle Trudel was on vacation with her family, when she found me. I was working at the convenience store on a campground! She asked me how tall I was and then she said that she was a scout and that I had all the qualities to be a model. I was looking at her with big eyes and I was really impressed! I will remember this day all my life!

Best Modelling Moment  When I went to Japan last summer. I've never been out of Canada and USA before this trip and it was my very first time on a plane too! It was a wonderful trip and I've made a lot of friends!

Awkward Modelling Moment  At a casting in Japan, the client asked me to sit on a podium, but I didn't understand and I stood up on it. There were a lot of judges in the room, and they quickly told me that I had to sit. Everybody was laughing, including me, but I was really embarassed!

Favourite Market  New York

Favourite Model  Daria Werbowy

Most Embassing song on your iPod  Barbie Girl (Aqua) It was my favourite song when I was 7 years old and I still sometime listen to it because it reminds me of so many dances I did with my friends to this song and it always makes me laugh!

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