Kelly Foss

June 18, 2021

Kelly Foss
B&M's 's Kelly Foss in Jessica Bridal
I am feeling on top of the world right now. A couple of days ago I found myself walking down a busy street in Hong Kong, in the pouring rain of course, to shockingly find my reflection starring back at me. To my surprise, I spotted Jessica Bridal Magazine; an annual magazine where I shot a bridal spread. I quickly purchased a copy and unwrapped the plastic wrap as I trekked to the MTR station to head home. I was so eager to see my first bridal editorial. As I glanced at my 8-page spread an Asian man beside me on the train pointed to my pictures. "That model's nose looks like yours" he said as he looked over my shoulder. "Ahahaha...that is me!" I replied. Soon he smiled and wished me good luck. A funny situation, I still question why my "nose" is what jumped off the page...

Anyhow, I was in high spirits and I felt rewarded. I immediately thought to myself, "It's products like these that make all of my hard work worth it." It also confirmed that my decision to snatch at the opportunity to model in HK was a good one. Modelling is my new art. By this I mean, next to my visual arts and writing portfolios I am now focused on developing a new work of art: A model portfolio.

Collecting tear sheets are the first step to developing a portfolio and advancing a modelling career.

Along with this eight page spread I modelled for a 'beautiful-sexy-cool' bathing suit show for names including Billabong, Speedo, Playboy, and Roxy. The runway was spectacular. Built around a beach theme, a sandy bar, Muskoka chairs, pails & shovels and beach balls decorated the skirts of a long runway, outlined by spectators and paparazzi. As an informal show, all of us (eight models) got to dance around the runway holding hula-hoops and bubble-guns. It was a good paying job, and it was a rather fun-filled day to say the least.

This week I also booked a high-paying show for lingerie that is held in Macau; a one hour ferry ride away from HK. It's particularly exciting because Macau is otherwise known as the Las Vegas of Asia. As a 21-year-old and an avid tourist I am hoping to spend sometime on the island before heading back to HK. Plus, there is more. I just got word that I booked the Adidas runway show, which I am thrilled about because the casting was huge (otherwise known as a cattle call!). I thank my twelve years of soccer experience for getting me this gig. I also have another jewelry showing booked for next week. I seem to be keeping quite busy here, which is great!

So what am I up to these days other than modelling, hanging out with great friends and dining at my favorite model restaurants (Qube+, Dragoni, and Armani Bar) and sightseeing (The famous peak and the beaches). Well, beyond this fun stuff, I have been thinking really hard about the next move in my modelling career. I have spent the last month contemplating whether to continue my travels this summer. Finally, I have made a choice. That is, I am going to continue my travels for the next two months.

Knowing that I have my whole life to work and how thousands of people would kill for this opportunity and 'not to mention' that modelling only lasts so long, I say, "It's time for me to model, see/explore the world, and gain worldly experiences."

So where to next? I just got word that I will be jet-setting to Tokyo! I will be on another modelling contract for the next two months. I am overwhelmed with excitement. I hear Tokyo is the cleanest city in the world. Plus, apparently there is a fascination with the 'Barbie look' there, and as a common and embarrassing nickname of mine amongst my friends (i.e. Yohan), I am hoping that I work well in the Japanese market.

Talk to you again soon! Thanks sooo much for following my blog! Here are a few more fun facts about HK...

"In the land of HK"

1. Taxis and buses resemble those in Britain
2. Cars do not stop for people when the light hits green run!
3. Subway, McDonalds, and KFC are here
4. Shoes are cheap but sizes are small
5. Noodles never get old = yum

Ciao until blog 3!!!

Kelly Foss is a B&M model, currently in Hong Kong, currently with Model One in Hong Kong.

B&M's 's Kelly Foss in Jessica Bridal


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