Kelly Foss

July 13, 2021

Kelly Foss
B&M's 's Kelly Foss in a lingerie show

Soon I have to say goodbye to Hong Kong. The deal is made, the contract is signed, and I am on way to Tokyo, Japan! I will be modelling for Yoshie Inc for the next two months, beginning July 15 through to September 12. I am super ready to start this new adventure. I am particularly eager to see what the Tokyo market has to offer me and excited about meeting new people and exploring Japan.

Over the past two months I have not only gained modelling experience and learned more about how the industry works, but I have gained independence and grown as a person. I believe that travelling is the best way to learn about you, others, along with gaining experience.

I learned how to live with 13 girls, get around a foreign city on my own, carry out the customs and traditions of Chinese culture, and open myself up to new activities and foods that I used to stay away from. In particular I never used to eat fish and I had never tried sushi. Now I have become a sushi/fish lover, which I give thanks to one of my favorite model restaurants Dragoni.

Also, I no longer feel the need to ask for a fork at a Chinese restaurant as I have finally learned how to properly use chopsticks. I thank my home for this one; due to the lack of forks in the model apartment I have been using chopsticks in their place.

As for new activities in my life? My fellow roommates have got me addicted to Yoga, I tried belly dancing, and I even jumped off the top of a boat! Yes... I did it. After sitting by the edge watching fellow male models dive in during a model boat cruise I finally took the plunge. After that fearful jump... I surprisingly went again and again.

Anyway, over the past few weeks I have been doing a few jewelry showings including one for the high-end King Fook Jewelry brand and I have also been busy doing a couple fun, good paying runways shows. As discussed in Blog 3, I was booked for a lingerie and Adidas runway show. Both shows were completely different but memorable. The lingerie show was a typical formal runway show, which consisted of small walking routines while the Adidas show was more flexible. In this show I got to jog down the runway in sneakers, do some yoga poses, and some skits with fellow models. In particular, I had to run and pretend to throw water with two guy models as though we were on the beach in our Adidas swimwear, and in another I had to pretend that I was going for a jog with my friends.

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B&M's 's Kelly Foss at Qube+ "Model Restaurant"

All and all, I thoroughly enjoyed the Adidas show because it involved acting and I love sporty clothing. The only problems with this show... the size of the shoes. The biggest problem I have in my modelling career - my feet never fit. I was given size eight shoes and I am a size eleven. I was told that they did not have my size, so what did I do?! I went with it of course. I had to. Yes, I ran and jogged and twirled on the runway in size eight. OUCH!!! My toes still ache.

B&M's 's Kelly Foss in
King Fook Jewelry show
As my final days wind down I am spending my time wisely; hanging out with friends, shopping at cheap markets, enjoying HK beaches, and doing some sightseeing such as visiting the "BIG BUDDHA" (the worlds largest Buddha located at the peak of HK). Plus, my final going away model dinner is set for Monday night. I am stoked but at the same time it is going to be really difficult to say goodbye to my friends.

All I can hope for is that I will meet up with the friends I have made here in the near future. Even though we are from all around the world, I have learned that it is possible to run into each other in another market. Several of my fellow models know each other from other Asian markets. Most of them actually came from Bangkok together. Fortunately two of my friends here are also on their way to Tokyo on another contract. So I wont be in Tokyo alone, but I am sure that I will meet plenty of new friends there. I canít wait!

So Bye Bye to Hong Kong! Next time you hear from me I will be in TOKYO!

Thanks again for following my blog!

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B&M's 's Kelly Foss with her roommates

Here are some good tidbits for fellow models coming to HK:

1) Be prepared for constant staring - especially on the MTR
2) Invest in a good umbrella - the rain never stops here
3) Go to Lang Kwai Fong - Party district (in Central)
4) Take advantage of free model restaurants - Qube+, Dragoni, Armani Bar (in Central)
5) Take thousands of pictures! Hong Kong is beautiful!

Kelly Foss is a B&M model, currently in Hong Kong, currently with Model One in Hong Kong.


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