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August 4, 2021

Kelly Foss
B&M's 's Kelly Foss
on set for Baccarat

Blog 3: Living the Dream

It's 1:00 a.m. I'm at a model's apartment, enjoying some good wine and listening to live music with friends while fiddling with my new BlackBerry, when all of the sudden I receive a text message. It's my agent. I read the text, "Kelly dear, you have photo shooting for Madrid brand LOEWE (, tomorrow morning, 5:30 a.m. call time in Wan Chai (half hour away). It's for Baccarat Magazine HK." "Yessss!" I screamed. I became so overwhelmed with excitement before I soon realized that I needed to pick up my things, put down my wine glass, and head home to bed. "Talk about last minute?" As a model, sometimes you always have to be ready. Like doctors and real estate agents, sometimes you are always 'on call.' I ended up only sleeping a couple hours and waking up at 4:30 a.m. to make it for 5:30 a.m. After downing a couple cups of coffee I was ready to start the day. However little did I know that this day would involve shooting in 10 locations for a total of 14 hours?! Yep! With a crew of 10 people, 2 vans, and a whole lot of food and water (thank goodness), we ended up finishing at 7:30 p.m. Was I tired? Yes. But did I care? No. This shoot ended up being one of the greatest modelling experiences of my life.

Baccarat Magazine is a luxury, British-influenced magazine that emphasizes the stylish lifestyle to target readers including trendsetters and socialites in Hong Kong. The purpose of the shoot was to create an 8-page story that sells the Loewe clothing line and handbag collection. What made this shoot most exciting was the theme choice. I had to fill the role of a 'rich diva' that goes out in the city and finds herself having to watch her every move to escape the paparazzi. Besides enjoying the fun of wearing high-end 'diva-esque' clothing and carrying sophisticated handbags, what I enjoyed most about this shoot was role-playing. Like a film, modelling also involves bringing characters and themes together to build stories, but in a non-verbal way.

Today I got word the magazine is scheduled to come out this month (August), and let's just say I am 'patiently waiting.' Besides this shoot I have done a number of jobs this month including runways shows, presentations (modelling jewellery/clothing), and test shoots. The latest and most exciting news is that I am a finalist for a campaign for Rio Mints, a brand out of Switzerland (, all with thanks to keeping in good standing and good contact with the photographer from my Loewe shoot. This guy also happens to be shooting the campaign and he recommended me to the clients. It's opportunities like this that show why it is so important and rewarding to make a good impression on your clients and keep in touch with them.

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Kelly Foss with the Paparazzi

So what else has been going on here in HK? Well, let's just say that one of the best perks about the modelling industry is that you get the opportunity to meet and mingle with celebrities. Two weeks ago I got to live the dream for a couple of days. And when I say 'living the dream,' I mean getting to explore what I call the 'bubble in which the rich and famous live.' To my surprise one of the coolest NBA stars, if not the coolest, Kobe Bryant showed up for dinner at the model restaurant here named HALO. He came to town for a few days to shoot the Nike campaign and for media purposes. Accompanied by his entourage and surrounded by some crazy fans, I felt star struck for a couple minutes and then went back to mingle with friends, when all of the sudden a man pointed at me. It was Kobe's agent. The next thing I knew I was sitting beside Kobe, introducing myself to him, his bodyguard, and his agent, and we were having small talk. Staring up at Kobe I thought to myself, "How on earth am I sitting beside this guy right now?" Soon after, two of my closest friends and I were invited by Kobe and his crew to join them at a private event held by Nike Sponsors.

Nothing could prepare us for what would happen next. To avoid the paparazzi, Kobe and his crew left through the back of the restaurant and they advised us to catch a ride out the front. Thinking we'd have to catch a cab, to our surprise a sweet Mercedes van pulls up to drive us. The funniest thing about this ride was that the paparazzi happened to recognize the van and so halfway through the ride we had to run out and change vehicles. Finally we pull up to the Peninsula Hotel HK and the guards guided us to a funky, yet sophisticated private room where the event was held. There must have only been around 20 people at this event and they were all very important people including CEOs of Nike, big business owners, fellow NBA players, and various 'big shot' clients in Asia. When the three of us walked in we were thinking, "man we are so little compared to these people!" however soon we pulled it together and just walked around like we were supposed to be there.

At the event I made sure to talk to everyone, individually, and ask as many questions as possible, keeping in mind that a number of these people could be valuable contacts. The best part of the night was talking to Kobe. I got to have a long individual chat with him and his bodyguard. Just, you know, the three of us chilling on some comfy chairs (my head was spinning with excitement). After 5 minutes of observation and small chitchat I finally put my journalism 'thinking cap' on and asked the big and interesting questions that we all want to know (news article coming blog 4). After an hour my brain was full and I was overwhelmed with excitement. Not just the excitement from being able to sit and speak to the guy for over an hour, but to be able to go home and write down everything I learned. By the end of the night, besides running into the paparazzi on our way out (see picture) I ended up with a bunch of business cards including Kobe's personal email address and his bodyguard's contact info. How cool?! They promised me front row b-ball tickets for when the Lakers come to Toronto and they plan to send some autographed merchandise to my home (because we were not allowed to take pictures).

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Kelly Foss' hiking trip

Along with meeting Kobe, something I had never dreamed of being able to do, this past month I also faced one of my biggest fears. With the motivation from friends (and maybe a little bit of peer pressure) I ended up cliff jumping in a beautiful hidden gem in Hong Kong. It wasn't until this day of hiking and cliff diving that I learned how beautiful Hong Kong really is. Who knew that HK was surrounded by breathtaking green rolling hills and waters that resemble those in the Caribbean?! It was last weekend that four model friends and I ventured to this place called Sai Kung for a 1 hour hike along one of the most beautiful scenic routes to reach a bunch of waters called 'the four pools.' We ended up spending the day swimming in the warm waters, and for some, cliff jumping. What a rush that was. Definitely a memorable experience and possibly not the last time I take the plunge.

Today I am waiting to hear back about the campaign that I'm on hold for and potential news about some cool upcoming jobs! Plus, my friends and I are planning another hiking trip along with other destination spots. I promise that there will be more to tell very soon!

Thanks for following my adventures!

xo Kelly

Only in Hong Kong

  • Three model restaurants: Dragon-i (Daily), Armani Bar (Thurs-Sat), and Halo (Thurs)
  • The summer is super HOT: Sometimes feels like walking around in a sauna
  • HK has beautiful rolling hills, beaches, waterfalls, parks, and hiking trails
  • International grocery stores: Three Sixty (central), Gateway (Sheung Wan)
  • Models get VIP access into most lounges, clubs, and events here
  • The MTR system is extremely efficient/reliable and beyond easy to navigate
  • Every model is given the opportunity to join a gym for a very low cost
  • Best 'on the go' lunch spots in Central: Pret, Deli France, Kosmo

    Kelly Foss is a B&M model, currently with Dreamodels in Hong Kong.

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