Kelly Foss

August 22, 2021

Kelly Foss
B&M's 's Kelly Foss

Sometimes I feel like I am trapped in the movie Ground Hog Day. Everyday seems like a repeat of the last. Wake up at 8am, eat, go to the gym, call the agency at 11am, meet up with the manager at noon, and drive from casting to casting through to the evening. Then sleep of course. It's a pretty easy lifestyle that can be quite tiring and monotonous at times, but getting the opportunity to explore a new country/culture, and land that big gig, is what makes it all worth it.

The other day my manager asked me about what it is I miss the most about home and my answer was simple. Alongside missing my family and friends, what I really miss is being challenged 'mentally' like I do at University. To balance my 'physically' active model lifestyle, I always read the latest world news online, and keep up on my writing skills by maintaining this blog diary and writing in my personal journal. Plus, just recently I finally found a bookstore in Tokyo that has an English section, so I have been catching up on the latest celebrity magazine gossip, and reading a challenging book titled, The Alchemist.

So what have I been up to workwise? Lately I have been working quite a bit at Shop Channel, which is the Japanese version of Canada's The Shopping Channel. I have done a few on-camera jewelry showings and young fashion clothing shows. I particularly enjoy this job because it is getting me prepared for on-camera television work. As one who aspires to be a television host one day, being on live TV is helping me become more comfortable in front of the camera.

What I am most excited to tell you about is an awesome gig I recently landed. After venturing off to a cattle call, lined up with longhaired blonds and brunettes for what was an audition for a good-paying print hair job, that night I was told that I got it. The shoot was a few weeks ago and it involved posing for the cover and instruction manual of a hairstyling product. It was a fun day working with a surprisingly English speaking crew including a project manager, creative director, photographer, and makeup artist. I was quite floored when I first found out that I landed this job. To tell you the truth, I was surprised that I got it, not that I doubted my potential but because it was a 'cattle call.' I have always despised going to an audition lined up with fellow models for hours and in the end get rejected. However, now I have come to realize that sometimes it can be worth it.

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Kelly Foss, underwater

Rejection is a big part of modelling. However, if you have a passion for it you should never give up. Just think, if you never try out, you will never get picked. So think positive, keep trying out for gigs and improve your odds. Why have I won three contests in my lifetime? Because I tried out!

Anyways, I have to tell you, Tokyo has been a blast! Yesterday I did a test photo shoot downtown with an energetic young photographer and nice makeup and styling crew. In the first few shots the theme was high fashion; wearing a zebra patterned Anna Sui gown, the lights beaming, the wind blowing, I swung in the air like a stunt devil in an action movie. Thereafter, we did a few close-up shots. My lips were bright red and my hair was backcombed to the nines. The last cut was by far the most fun. The photographer set up a pool in the studio surrounded by dim, red lighting, setting a sexy, edgy, and mysterious mood. I was soon immersed in the water while trying my hardest to not slip and hold poses on the quite uncomfortable glass casing. These shots were super difficult to shoot but I successfully made it through. I am in love with the shots!

Kelly Foss with Lost Prophets
Not only do I love the work here, but I am also enjoying the perks of being a model. There are 'major perks.' At Lexington Queen, Tokyo's most famous celebrity and model lounge, not only do I get VIP access and free food and beverages, I get to meet some of the greatest people in the music, film, and fashion industries. In particular, a few weeks ago I went to LEX and found myself sharing a bottle of champagne with actor Hugh Jackman, and last week I was dancing with the band 311 and sharing a nice conversation with the Alternative rock band Lost Prophets. It was a great brush with fame and I cannot wait to see who I will meet next!

Now I will go back to enjoying my last few weeks in Tokyo!

Sayonara for now! xoxo


Kelly Foss is a B&M model, currently with Yoshie in Tokyo.


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