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August 26, 2021

Kelly Foss and Zoe
B&M's 's Kelly Foss, with Zoe

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One word. WOW [shock and excitement]. I just spent the last 20 minutes brainstorming how I am going to explain my most recent experiences to you. I realize that I could tell these stories in more ways than one and so Iím just going to tell you the version in my head at this very moment. Hong Kong mixed with the modelling industry is full of endless fun and crazy surprises [to say the least]. If you thought meeting Kobe Bryant was cool, get a load of this blog. This past weekend, 36 models in town were invited to take a Ferry to Macau (Asia Vegas), one hour outside of Hong Kong. An all inclusive paid vacation: a suite in the Venetian hotel (two models per room), free meals, two VIP passes to live concerts by Lady Gaga and Linkin Park (in the Venetian hotel), and $3000 HKD (approx. $400 CAN) per model just for coming. The catch?! We had to party for the three nights we were there. Not such a bad catch eh!

So what made this experience soo good? Well, while it was super cool to get the opportunity to listen to Lady Gaga and Linkin Park live and enjoy appetizers in the VIP, no one was prepared for who would show up at the model after-party. Privately held in an enormous L-shaped room on the top floor of the Crown hotel (across from the Venetian), without notice, the Prince of Abu Dhabi arrived (Tall man in his sixties, accompanied by four wingmen). The room, filled with big business people (some dressed down, others dressed up), the Prince, wearing jogging pants and a collared red shirt and red cap, did not stand out. Not knowing or recognizing what he looked like, all of the models and I just continued to dance, eat, drink, and mingle. It wasnít until after 45 minutes of talking to him about the modelling industry and how beautiful Macau is, did my closest friend Crystle (the girl who also met Kobe) and I realize that this everyday dressed man was in fact the Prince [big smiles]. I should have known it was him after observing what was over 500 missed calls and 252 text messages on his phone in the middle of chatting with him. I think I can speak for the both of us when I say it was hard to believe how the Prince described his busy, 24/7, royal lifestyle, because he was quite the relaxed, genuine character and dressed the part of an everyday man.

The next day, Crystle and I were set to take a ferry back to Hong Kong with the other models as planned, but soon were told by the organizers of this vacation that we would get the opportunity to stay longer with thanks to the Prince. He offered to pay for us to stay in our own suite in the Venetian for two more nights (room service included - definitely took advantage of that) so that we could join him, his wingmen, among others, in a two-day beach volleyball tournament held where they stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. Immediately I thought, Hahaha play volleyball with the Prince?! Uh... okay. Unfortunately volleyball has always been my toughest sport (wishing they had chose soccer or tennis) but nonetheless, Crystle and I were stoked to play with them. And what a fun tourney it was. The Prince and his crew, dressed in slacks, and also not the greatest of players, played their best, laughed at mistakes made, and encouraged high energy and teamwork. Just imagine, back flips, head butts, memorable twists and turns, and constant belly jumps into the sand between the traditional volleying and bumping.

By the end of this lucky two-day-prince-volleyball-tournament-lengthened-fun Macau vacation [deep breath], Crystle and I were all smiles. And there was more to come. The next morning we got word that we would be taking a 15-minute helicopter back to Hong Kong instead of taking the Ferry (just the two of us). It was such a great surprise because it was the first time for the both of us. We got a nice view of Macau and Hong Kong Island.

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private helicopter back to Hong Kong

Now, back on Hong Kong Island, I am back to business. One of the most memorable shoots I did this past month was a creative with three of my great friends here (Damien, Chrismo, and Zoe). Photographer, stylist, and makeup artist ready, the four of us took on the role as dolls (blank, doll-like faces and movements) and we each did shots all together and in pairs. In the end we landed some wild, creative shots. The best part about this shoot was being able to work with friends and a photographer that was open to our ideas.

Between shooting, I am trying to get out as much as I can so that I donít waste any time I have left here. This past month I have been to the BIG BUDDHA (HK landmark), Ocean Park (theme park), the beach (Repulse Bay), a few of the shopping markets, and lately I have been dishing out in central which has quite the multicultural selection (Spanish, Italian, Japanese etc). I am not tired of the free meals at the model restaurant Dragon-i however. I go at least 4 times a week for a buffet of what I call Canadianized Chinese food including, sesame salad, melt-in-your-mouth black cod, glazed sweet and sour chicken, a variety of sushi, broccoli/beans, pork fried rice, and chocolate or strawberry cheesecake squares for dessert. I really enjoy going for these dinners to mingle with my model friends in town and meet news ones that arrive each week.

So today I have hit past the 2.5-month mark in Hong Kong and I am enjoying every moment with friends and thinking about what country I will go to next. Yesterday I shot a fashion editorial, today I did a beauty shoot, and in the meantime I am eagerly awaiting my tears in the Fall issue of Baccarat magazine coming out Sept 1st. I promise to post these. Talk to you one last time before I leave HK... thx for following my blog!


Kelly Foss is a B&M model, currently with Dreamodels in Hong Kong.


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