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Isabelle Giguère

Isabelle Giguere
photo: Brian Ypperciel

Agency  Montage (Montréal)

Hometown  Montréal

Background  100% French Canadian

Modelling Since  2005

Age  22

Height  5'9" (175 cm)

Hair  Blonde

Eyes  Blue

Discovered  While walking downtown

Best Modelling Moment  My first TV commercial for David Jones in Sydney. TV is a lot of fun and much more involved then shooting. I hope to do more in the future.

Awkward Modelling Moment  While in New York this summer, I was shooting for Elle on 5th Avenue. They were obsessed with yellow cabs and wanted one in the background of every shot. I had to cross the street back and forth without looking while the light was green. After a few times I got more confident and started doing "fancy moves." I was walking backwards and bumped into a yellow cab causing honking, a major traffic jam and panic among the team...

Favourite Market  New York. I go as often as I can.

Favourite Model  Agyness Deyn

Most Embassing song on your iPod  What I like about you by Lillix

Also represented by
  • mc2 (New York)
  • Chadwicks (Sydney)
  • Cinq Deux Un (Tokyo)
  • Interact

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