Words of Wisdom

Morgan Handbury: "Redheads look
really good with bangs"


Advice for new models:
Don't start young - finish high school. I don't care what anybody says in this business, if you can't finish high school first you shouldn't be modelling. Things can change quickly. When you turn 18 you might not be able to model anymore - you're hips have gotten big, or your face changes, or any normal thing - what are you going to do? If you're going to start young, stay in your home town - don't travel to New York.

High school for me was the best years of my life. It would suck to give it up, just to model. Those years are really important, when you have your first crush and first kiss and all that stuff. You don't have to be old -- seventeen - start from there.

Advice for working models
Have fun with it because it might end tomorrow. Go travel. Try to make as much money as you can.

Finding an agency in New York
If you're lucky a few will like you. A lot will say no even to the most beautiful girl. It's such a hard industry. I had about four that showed interest, so I chose from there.

If you're comfortable with it, do it.

I'm really strong, and I know what I will do, so if someone says 'take your top off' I have no problem saying no. And I don't care what they say. Abercrombie & Fitch asked me to go nude. Why would you want to go nude for Abercrombie & Fitch?

I know girls that came home crying because they got naked, and they didn't want to. They got touched in a weird way. If you don't like it and you don't feel comfortable, don't do it. Who cares what they say? Let them call your agency.

In Paris, they're mean. They yell 'What's wrong with you? Take your top off. It will be beautiful.' I just tell them I don't care.

Especially at castings I don't understand why they ask you to take your top off. They aren't even paying you yet. But some girls will get naked and they don't know where those pictures are going.

Why Canadians are so successful
Personality. Canadians are really friendly, down-to-earth and fun. Everywhere I travel people love Canadians. I'm not the most beautiful girl, but I think Canadians are doing well because of their attitudes. Like Daria - she stayed real, which is really difficult in this industry. You've got to hand it to her.

B&M; Models in Toronto
They're a great agency for me, because here in New York I'm with Supreme, and they're strong and they're powerful, but with B&M I call them when I need advice.

Supreme Models in New York:
I'm really lucky, because I love the way Supreme treats me.

The current redhead craze:
I think redheads look really good with bangs. In New York they are big - and in Europe - and I really hope they don't get too big because it's great to be the token redhead in the city. I've always called myself the token redhead.

Getting to the gym:
For any model, even if you've got a great body - even if you're 15 - you should be going at least four times a week.

Modelresource would like to thank Gail McInnes at B&M; Models for helping to arrange this interview