Rebecca Hardy

January 27, 2008

Rebecca Hardy
Rebecca Hardy
I must say that I have been busier then ever since arriving in Milan. Due to not being able to sleep on the plane I had been up for 24 hours when I arrived. It was late at night (I think) and I was brought to the agency, which is a very nice place.

Right away I was sent to my first casting. Due to my lack of sleep I can honestly say I've looked better, but I got the job! First fashion show in Milan! Very exciting. The show turned out to be in Florence so all the models met up and we took a coach bus, so I was able to meet a lot of cool people.

My apartment is really nice, but things are definitely a lot different than in Canada. It's funny because my one room mate talks in her sleep, but in Russian. Lol!

The city is full of models and you can always tell one because we all have our maps out trying to find where we're going. Italian people are very friendly, they really help you if you're lost.

It's nice and sunny here so I love being able to be outside going from casting to casting. I go to at least eight a day for names like Valentino and Armani. I'm looking forward to fashion week but I think it will be insanity with maybe twelve castings a day. Although busy is good... it means you're doing something right.

Looking forward to the upcoming weeks and landing something big.



Rebecca Hardy is a Sutherland model, with Why Not in Milan.


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