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Ashley Hart

Featured Model

Ashley Hart

Agency  Next (Toronto)

Hometown  Alcona, Innisfil (Barrie Area), ON

Background  British/Irish/Canadian

Modelling Since  I have been modelling full time now for about 2 years and loving every minute of it. Modelling is my life and my passion!!

Age  20

Height  5'10½" (179 cm)

Hair  a sassy brunette ;)

Eyes  Blue

Discovered  I was entered into a model and talent search called CMTC, where I was named the "New Face of Canada" and placed with an agency once I had finished school.

Best Modelling Moment  All modelling opportunities I experience are the best moments. I am so thankful and grateful for being given a chance to do what I love most.

Awkward Modelling Moment  Almost slipping for the first time on the runway during L'oréal Fashion Week... Thank God I didn't fall... I would have been so embarrassed!!

Favourite Market  There are so many markets I have yet to see, but so far I have enjoyed every market I have been to. They are all so different and it's hard for me to choose just one!!

Favourite Model  So many different models inspire me. I mostly look up to the Canadian girls who have made it to the top! It's great to see Canadian models doing so well in this industry. Daria Werbowy and Jessica Stam are my two faves! They keep me motivated and remind me to never give up.

Most Embassing song on your iPod  I think I am the only person without an iPod haha!!!! It's on my Christmas list this year!! But I can say the most embarrassing song that I listen to is called "SHOES!" Funniest YouTube video/song ever made!! (Former Featured Model Amanda La Magna knows what song I am talking about ha ha!).

Also represented by
  • Next (Montréal)
  • Nathalie (Paris)
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