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Erin Hayes
photo: Maxime Bocken

Featured Model

Erin Hayes

Agency  City Models (Halifax)

Hometown  Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Background  Canadian, with bit of Dutch from my momma's side.

Modelling Since  Summer of 2008

Age  17

Height  5'10½"

Hair  Brown

Eyes  Green

Discovered  I was discovered by Ford during their Supermodel of the World Competition, and I was given a contract with them.

Best Modelling Moment  Definitely walking the Diesel runway show as a part of the Ford competition. It was my first show, and I nearly died when I found out Kalan Porter and George Stroumboulopoulos were in the audience! I wanted to get at good look at them but had to stare straight ahead! Haha!

Awkward Modelling Moment  I have too many of those to choose from! I would have to say one occurred during the Diesel show. I was wearing only a long hoody which buttoned all the way down the front. As I was walking down the runway the buttons slowly started popping open. I was freaking out, but trying to be cool, acting like it was all a part of my plan, and that it was supposed to happen. By the time I was finished my walk there was only one button holding it closed! I was oh soooo relieved!

Another time, at my first creative shoot I was asked if I could dance. I said "sure!" and started breaking it down, doing my thing, only to be cut off by the entire crew saying in unison "No no! Nevermind! Forget it!" I guess my dancing is not as hot as I thought it was!

Favourite Market  I have only ever modelled in Toronto for a few weeks, but it was awesome there!

Favourite Model   I would have to say Coco Rocha. She doesn't take herself too seriously, and she is Canadian after all!

Most embarrassing song on your iPod?  Now that is a tough one! I have no shortage of those. Family Channel music is my guilty pleasure. Hannah Montana, or Miley Cyrus I should say, along with the Jonas Brothers and Jesse McCartney. I am also a big Enrique Iglesias fan! Ahah! Shhhhhh!

Also represented by
  • Ford (Toronto & Montréal)
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