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Kaitlyn Holbein

Agency  Angie's (Ottawa)

Hometown  Ottawa, ON

Background  German

Modelling Since  Age 14

Age  17

Height  5'9" (175 cm)

Hair  Brown

Eyes  Blue/Green

Discovered  At a basketball tournament, by Angie! I was scorekeeping and her son was playing, she approached me at the end of the last game of the tournament... that basketball game changed my life!

Best Modelling Moment  Everytime a plane lands in a new country I just feel so grateful for all the opportunities I have. The biggest standout moment for me was probably landing in Tokyo. I had just started modelling a month or so prior and I was so excited for everything ahead of me. Getting to go to Brazil for a week, to shoot for German clients, is right up there as well! It was like a vacation :)

Awkward Modelling Moment  My first runway casting, changing in front of everyone. I soon got used of that!

Favourite Market  Paris, I fell in love with the city! Plus, since I speak french, I could actually understand the clients for once!

Favourite Model  Jess Stam, gotta support fellow canadians out there!! :)

Most Embarrassing Song on Your iPod  Probably a techno remix of the Titanic song... I swear I don't know how it got on there hahaha

Also represented by
  • Elite (Toronto)
  • Montage (Montréal)
  • Crystal (Paris)
  • mc2 (Miami)

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