Christina Ionno

February 15, 2021

Christina Ionno is an Elite Model, with FMI in Taiwan.

Christina Ionno
Christina Ionno
The nature of the jobs here is definitely not easy at all. On one occasion I worked a 19 hour double-shift and by "work" I mean WORK... no lazing around whatsoever. This feels like super-model boot camp.

I must say that the Taiwanese are the most genuine people. They don't start their conversations with mindless chit-chat ("Hi, how are you? How's your day? That's great!"). No, they talk to you about what they want, and if they like you they will show it, if not... they will show it.

It's funny, I can spend a whole day with a group of Taiwanese that speak very few words of English, but at the end of the day I feel like in some way we communicated. You laugh at the same things (they find the smallest things funny, like if you sneeze, it's hilarious to them) and it's like you are communicating on a different level when you are limited to few words and just having to understand through gestures and personalities and the way a person holds themself.

Be prepared though, if you come to Asia you get thoroughly judged on a daily basis and have to have strong self-esteem to deal with it. I have seen PLENTY of girls come and go because they just cannot put up with it. Even if clients love you and book you every day you will still get picked on for something. For example, whenever a make-up artist is trying to tame my ferocious eyebrows I catch them giggling and calling over a few other people to giggle along with them. "Eyebrows...SO BIG!" (So, I was born with lego blocks for eyebrows, I GET IT), ha ha, but you just have to take it all with a grain of salt, stay true to yourself and not let anyone get to your head.

About half-way through my stay here I had a bit of an unpleasant encounter... I was dealing with insane amounts of work and wild weekends and then the in-between which was my living situation. I obviously wasn't thrilled about living with eleven other females who weren't the friendliest bunch of foreigners I've come across, but hey, I put up with it. I was only really in there to sleep anyways (which was tough, because my bed was right beside the window and with the humidity and amount of people in such a tiny space EVERYTHING WAS ALWAYS WET).

One night got out of hand though. It was night ten of no sleep for me and when you work everyday, you NEED that beauty sleep, but it was just so wet and humid that week and my blankets and clothes were damp from the window. I lay awake on my bed feeling like some lagoon creature, almost in tears from being so exhausted and I knew something was not right... went to work bright and early and by the time I came home (around 9:00 p.m.) I wanted to faint, but as I crawled into bed, I noticed that EVERYTHING WAS GREEN...



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