Christina Ionno

February 16, 2021

Christina Ionno is an Elite Model, with FMI in Taiwan.

Christina Ionno
Christina Ionno
...MOLD WAS GROWING ON ME IN MY SLEEP. It was not there the night before. The entire wall and my blankets were green, and MULTIPLYING by the hour.

I had a nervous breakdown, I have never felt so violently ill in my life from just looking at something. The house was a riot, yelling in 7 different languages, so many girls decided to go home. As for me, I was just terrified that I'd end up sleeping on the street that night, no one in Taiwan knew how to help me because they weren't sure what I was talking about and I had to work yet again in just a few hours (lovely), I did my best to calm down, and fortunately one of the managers that stayed in the apartment with us let me sleep in her bed (which was also starting to get mold spots on the wall, nothing like my wall though which by this time looked like a TREE ) Well, a wise person told me there are no problems, only solutions, and the solution to this problem was a dream come true.

Jess and I moved into a little hotel room together and the time spent in those two weeks are what I'll always recall as some of the most AMAZING times of my life. Between having wild adventures in Taiwan with Jess, making friends from all over the world, getting booked for Vogue, working everyday and even getting a direct booking to China, I could only sum it up as me being one really, REALLY happy kid, that's for sure.

I'm sad to mention that Jess left Taiwan earlier than expected and I miss her SO MUCH. I had a blast with her everyday, she was my partner in crime, we were pretty much attached at the hip. It's so crazy how your life can change so quickly here. I've realized that anywhere I go in my future travels will be this way. In only one month, I have gone through the amount of fun times and hard times one normal person MIGHT only experience in an entire year. It's a true challenge to your sanity but I feel tough as nails. I feel much stronger and more independent than ever.

This whole trip has changed me and made me realize so many things I didn't know about myself. I can honestly say this has been one of the most AMAZING defining points in my life. I feel like a completely brand new person. I have zero regrets. My only suggestion to you is that you get out of Toronto (I'm sure the snow is up to your ears by now, anyway) and SEE THE WORLD.

Christina Ionno


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