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Jessica Jolin
photo: Jose Amigo (Miami)
photo selected by Jessica Jolin

Featured Model

Jessica Jolin

Agency  Specs (Montréal)

Hometown  Drummondville, PQ

Background  French Canadian

Modelling Since  2003

Age  23

Height  178 (5'10")

Hair  Blonde

Eyes  Green

Discovered  My mother took me to some modelling classes in my hometown, then convinced me to go meet with Specs in Montréal

Best Modelling Moment  There are so many but I think I will always remember when my agency in Milan took us for a ski trip in the Alps. Also, when I had to do a fashion show in Hong Kong for Pizza Hut where we were dressed in Superwoman costumes and we had to walk down the runway with different kinds of pizza in our hand!

Awkward Modelling Moment  I was running late for a job in Montreal and while driving, I cut another car off on the highway and nearly caused an accident. I arrived at the studio minutes later, only to find that the woman whose car I had almost hit was the photographer’s assistant!

Favourite Market  Every place I travelled, I really enjoyed my time there, however, if I had to pick a favorite it would be Miami because I had the chance to spend a lot of time there and it became like home. It was great because everything is so close and you can just go to the beach everyday between your castings.

Favourite Model  Kate Moss

Also represented by
  • Elite (Toronto)
  • Wilhelmina (Miami)
  • Action! (Greece)
  • Ice (Milan)
  • Baby Blue (Hong Kong)

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